Monday, November 17, 2008

5 Birds Shits Spot After 3 weeks of Operation

During the last visit, we found 5 birds shits spot after 3 weeks of operation. The results meet my expectation. My target for next visit will be able to see some birds nest mark and more birds shits spot.

In order to achieve that, I have:-

1. Applied Aroma on wall.
2. Applied Bird powder on floor
3. Applied Aroma on Plank at selected area.
4. Increased the Humidity Set point.
5. Added additional Bazooka facing the North side which is the direction of birds flying back.

Hope to see more birds activity especially at the area that I applied aroma on Plank.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Temp & Humidity Chart 25Oct to 15-Nov

I have visited my BH on 15-Nov. After 3 weeks of operation, I saw 5 bird shits spots. Not bad I guess.

I also checked the temperature and humidity data. The temperature is very stable, average 29degC. The average humidity around 77% with 2% fluctuation. We did a correlation check between the hygrometer and another humidity sensor and found out that the hygrometer reading is higher that the humidity sensor. We adjusted the set point 3% higher. Will check again in my next visit. The average humidity should be increased to 80%

(click image to enlarge)