Friday, March 23, 2012

4.5 Months After Revamp

I missed the chance to visit my BH after 4.5 months revamp. Luckily my brother help me to take a lot of photo.
Front side - Not a lot but start Growing

Center BH

50++ Nests
 Still have a lot of nests cannot harvest due to small baby birds.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

BH Results After 3 months Revamp

Wow, is has been a while I never updated my blog. As my BH key is keep by my consultant, I cannot visit my BH as freely as before. 2 days before CNY, finally I visited my BH for the first time after 3 months revamped. I would say the results are IMPRESS. The birds shit and number of birds visit has been increased more than double. I do not have time to count exactly how many nests. But it should be close to the pre-revamp period.

There are around 10 pcs nests drop on the floor. According to my consultant, this is good sign as it shows that the number of birds increase a lot. Some birds lazy to build their nests and they will fight for other birds' nests. It time to add humidifier now...

Beautiful Picture at Roving area

Most of the fake nests has been removed. Birds start coming back to build their Nest

Birds Start coming back to build their nests
Fresh Bird Shit...Love it..
Birds still enjoy flying in the BH after we went in around 1pm

Another corner will a lot of bird shit spreading all over the place

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Revamp BH Completed

Due to my consultant busy schedule, he only started renovating my ground floor BH + revamping my 2nd floor BH last Friday. He managed to complete the job within a week. Sadly I do not have change to go through the renovating process. My kids exams are coming and I have to stay back in Singapore to go through revision with them.   

I have asked my brother help to take some of pictures and I will share with you all here.
Before Renovation - Messy

After Renovation - Super clean and added more planks with full corner plank.
Before Renovation - tweeters near corner planks
Before Renovation - A lot of fake nests, nests and birds
After Renovation - Old tweeters replaced by his tweeters. Birds, nests and fake nests all GONE!!! A bit worry whether the birds will come back or not.

No more 12x12 roving area.
The Consultant threw all the old tweeters but still keep the Bullet Bazooka.

Monday, September 19, 2011

My New Project

After meeting the consultant and also visited BH done by him, there are a lot of things that I still need to learn. The consultant said the entrance of BH has to be made like a "Highway", so that the birds can fly in smoothly. I guess a lot of people already know the important of smooth entrance design, but how smooth is smooth? Different definition will affect how we design the smooth entrance?

Beside the entrance design, there are a lot of small little things that done by the consultant which I believe a very important factor for the BH Success. For Example, Vent hole design. He did not use PCV pipe. He also cleverly make use of internal light to extract birds and use ventilation fan with timer to control the BH ventilation.

I also checked some other BH done by the consultant. Among them are my wife's cousin BH. I called him to find out more about his BH and the consultant. He told me that after 1 year, the nests already reach 60 to 80 nests. Consider the location is still not the prime area, I think the results are very good.

After all those studies, I decided to let him convert my old BH ground floor to BH and also revamp my old BH on upper floor. For those who interested to find out more, you can either call or email me. 02-91275446 or

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mysteries BH - Corner Plank & Fake Nest

The Consultant uses corner planks for all the corner area. In other word, you can't find any 90degC angle corner in the BH. This is very different from what common practice whereby we start with 90degC corner and add plank after the birds start making the nests. According to his experience, if we put the corner plank after the nests build for 2 or more times, the chances that the birds will stay at the corner is very slim. He want to do it Right and Right at the Beginning.

There is no single fake nests found in the BH. I did invite him to visit my old BH. When he saw the paper fake nests and other type of fake nests, this was what he told me: "No doubt fake nest will help the young birds to make nest faster, but once you remove it, there is no 100% guarantee that the birds will come back again." I agreed with him as I experienced the same things.

He then continued: "Nest grow should be linear or exponential grow. You want it to be positive grow all the time. You do not want to see once the fake nest is changed to another location or removed, the birds do not like its "house" being moved and refuse to make the nest. Then your nest count will be like Zig-zag shape."

Do it Right and Right at the Beginning.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mysteris BH Visit - Plank

Last weekend, I have opportunity to visit the Mysteries BH myself.

The BH using 3 Amplifiers instead of 2. 1 internal, 1 external and 1 pulling sound (I guess). As I said before, the tweeters are really very few inside the BH.

The BH using very good quality of Dark Red Meranti. The height is 5" instead of 6" that we normally use. The planks were installed such that it perpendicular with the birds flying path.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mysteris BH - Amplifier & Songs

The BH only using 2 normal Amplifiers (Note the photo above just for illustration only). 1 higher power amp for internal and lower power amp for external.

I guess the internal and external sounds really good.

The BH setup is so simple yet effective.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mysteris BH - Tweeters

Remembered I mentioned about the mysterious BH that has > 20 nests in just 4 months? I have no chanced to take a look personally what so special in the BH, but my friend took a lot of photo and showed it to me.

In this article, I will cover all about the Tweeters that use in the BH.

We know birds like song from the tweeters. They normally start making their nests near or at the tweeters. Because of this behavior, there is command perception that the more the tweeters the merrier.

Below are what I found out about the tweeters of the BH:-
1. Number of tweeters/floor - < 50pcs
2. Tweeter type - Piezo
3. Tweeter Quality - Good
4. With Capacitor - 4.7uF connector in series.
5. Tweeter arrangement - All facing entrance
6. Cluster -No cluster.

The results are, all the nests built near or at the tweeters.
I was very surprise to see the tweeters setup and the results that he got. My question is, does the number of tweeters help to improve the nests quantity or the quality of the tweeters? I urge those are reading this article, please write down your personnel experience about the Tweeters Setup in the comment. Hopefully the comments are a lot and we can made some conclusion.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

What is the Function of Capacitor on Tweeter?

I have been receiving a lot of questions on use of capacitor on tweeter. What is the use of capacitor? How can that improve the quality of sound? What is the value to use? How to connect to tweeter?

I found a very good website below that explain the use of capacitor in speaker and how to select the good value.

Anyway, I will try to breifly explain what is the use of capacitor on tweeters.

1. Function of capacitor - it act as a high pass filter which means it will block low freq components and let the high freq components pass through. Capacitor will attenuate the low freq at 6dB/Octave.

2. How to improve the sound quality - birds sound freq around 1KHz to 16KHz. With the right value of capacitor, the low freq components < 1KHz will be filtered off to give clear birds sound.

3. What value to use? - That depend on what type of tweeter you use. For Magnetic Tweeter, the nominal impendance is around 4ohm to 8 ohm. Assume 8ohm impendance is used and the cut-off freq is 900Hz, so you need to use around 22uF capacitor.

For Piezo tweeter, theoritically no cap is needed as piezo itself is capacitance in natural. It has around 0.12uF. If you refers to its impedance chart, the value from 100ohm at 20Hz to around 25ohm at 20KHz. That means it itself will block most of the low freq components. But if you insist to use capacitor, you can use 4.7uF to 10uF value.

4. What type of capacitor? - Use non polar, 100V capacitor.

5. How to connect? - Solder in series in positive terminal.

Hope the information help.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New BH Update End July

Last weekend I went back to Melaka and inspected my new BH myself. There are 3 nests already have baby inside. Total 7 nests and 8 markings.

Any idea what type of house the birds like to start their family?

1st pair of baby born in this house using fake nest.

2nd pair of baby birds born in the Pure Nests House...

3rd pairs of baby birds born in the fake nest make of Styrofoam.

3 families with 3 different houses....Birds are too choosy :)

This time I also installed a Super Bullet that I bought back from recent US trip (2 Bullet bazooka at the bottom). I will only start selling if the new tweeter proven good.