Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quiz 1 - Position of Hygrometer and Humidifier

1. Imaging if you have a 20x70' BH as shown in picture below. What is the best combination to put the Hygrometer and Humidifier?

a) A - Hygrometer & B - Humidifier
b) A - Hygrometer & C - Humidifier
c) B - Hygrometer & C - Humidifier
d) C - Hygrometer & B - Humidifier
e) Others (Please state the combination)
Please let me know your answer and the reason for your answer. I will publish the results.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My BH Vent Hole Design

I was wrong when I mentioned in my earlier article that all my BH Vent holes are blocked. During my last visit, my consultant told me that the BH Vent holes are blocked but there is 1 hidden hole that link to the toilet's window. Ventilator is used to constantly circulate the air from the toilet (Back of BH) to the entrance hole at the front of my BH.

The key word is "CONSTANT" air flow. Normal vent holes can't do that. The disadvantages I can think off is the noise from the ventilator and the strength of the air flow might affect the birds. Any comments?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Data Logger Feedback

I have received the feedback from Mr G about his data logger that he bought from me.

Hi Victor
The data logger which i bought from you are running very good, no problem , but my bh humidity is very unstable, the humidity drop to 60% plus at day time. Our place now is very hot, almost 2 months got no rainfall. (only 2 times within 2 months. )I am going to do something for my bh.

Based on the chart taken from data logger, Mr G now has better understanding his BH micro condition and know what to do to solve the temperature and humidity unstable issues.

The chart can easily tell you when is the highest temperature and lowest humidity of the day. Normal Hygrometer only tell you the max and min of temperature and humidity. Do you think the information is useful enough to tell you what time you should ON and OFF the humidifier which is controlled by Hygrostat sensor?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

BH After 17 weeks - Golden Egg

Last weekend went to BH to do some checking as well as apply aroma on the plank and activate new insect powder. When I went in about 10am, found only less than 10 birds flying in my BH. I started worrying whether I can see any improvement since my last visit.

I first checked for the bird shits on the floor, although it don't seem to have a lot of new bird shit spots, but I found out that most of the bird shits now have feathers.

Then I checked for any bird nest mark directly on top of the bird shit with feathers. I could't find any new bird nest mark. But the old bird nest mark that I applied with aroma around the corner plank, the size is increased a little bit. (See picture below, 1st picture was taken on WK11 and 2nd picture on WK17). Although the progress is slow, but at least some improvement. The other 2 nest marks no improvement.

I actually few a bit depressed until my consultant told me that he suspect the corner of fake nest maybe has small chick inside. I went up and check, YES! I found 2 "Golden egg" in the fake nest right at the corner of my BH. Maybe due to the dry session and new birds, the birds can only manage to make a thin layer of nest and started laying egg. I think in overall, the BH progress is quite slow, but considering the dry session, I still quite satisfied with my BH performance. My consultant told me not to go in the BH too often, recommend 2 months once. I guess I will not able to update my BH at leat for the next 1 month.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

German book on Sex Education for Children

My colleague told me that her 8 years old daugther asked him: "Papa, can kissing get pregnant?". He said: "No". Then she continue asked, "Then, how to get pregnant?". "!!!". He do not know how to answer.

I sent him German Sex Education book for Children below, hope it will help him to explain.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Vent Holes

When I first discussed with my consultant about the design of Vent hole, he told me he preferred NO VENT HOLE!! I was a bit shock as all the seminars that I attended did mention about the need of VH. Some blogger did suggest to block most of the VH at the earlier stage of BH, so that aroma in the BH do not dissipate out very fast.

According to my consultant, you can't control the external condition. Some time the weather is more windy, some time very hot and no wind. If you have a lot of VH, that mean your BH micro condition will fluctuate according to the external condition.

On the other hand, you can control the internal condition. You can increase the humidity and reduce the temperature by setting the Hygrostat set point higher, have more humidifiers and etc.

Although it make sense to me, but to play safe, I requested him to design 4 Vent holes for me and block all of them. So, in case it does not work, I still can open up the VH. Below is my BH's VH before completion. The completed design is with the L-shape PVC tube inside the BH.

After 3 months of operation even during this dry session, my BH temp still well within 26 to 30 degC

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bird Nest Under Scope

Have you ever wonder what does the bird nest look like under 40x scope? Some nests contain small black particles that can be scratched off. Some nests contain small feather which is stuck in the nest and need to use tweezer to pull out. Anyone know how to clean this dirt effectively?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Effect of AROMA

During the 3rd weeks of my BH operation, I started using aroma that can be applied directly to the corner plank. I chose right hand section of my BH to start with. There is no single bird shit on this area.

After 6th weeks of operation (3 weeks from the day I applied aroma), there are some bird shits at this area. I continue to apply the aroma at this area

After 11th weeks of operation, I can see the number of bird shits increase. You can see some bird feathers on the floor.
Bird nest marking on top of the bird shits with feathers.
I strongly believe that the aroma help to attract birds to build nest. The only worry that I have is will the aroma causes fungus growth on the plank in the long run. To me, so far so good.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bird Sound Recording From DVR

This is the first time I used the DVR to record bird sound at the open field. I have uploaded the original sound in the link below. You can hear other birds sound and wind beside swiftlet sound.

Below is another bird sound beside a successful Bird house. The recording was taken near the entrance hole at about 3 to 4 storey high. As the BH is near the main road, it is very noisy. Nevertheless, you can still hear the bird sound quite clearly.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

External Sound Test Part2

Actually I quite worry whether the sound I played is stress sound or not. I have attached the 2nd part of the video clip. If you look at Frame 3, you can see some of the birds did fly in to the BH. Your comments are welcome.

Sorry, after publish this article, i realize the video is too small to see. Will try to put on youtube.

BH After 14 weeks

The bird nest marks still remain at 3 and the size remain the same. Only 2 new birds shit spots found. I wonder is it due to the external sound and playing sound that I changed 3 weeks ago? I decided to change the playing sound to the one that show the best results during the external sound test.

Beside that, I also put a wire mesh to cover the Bazooka. I found out out of 4, one has died bird inside.Add Image

Monday, February 2, 2009

Temp and Humidity Chart from 10-Jan to 30-Jan

The temperature is within 26 to 30degC range but the humidity somehow drop a lot. When I verified the hygrostat setting, I realized that someone have adjusted the setpoint from 90% to 88%. I have adjusted back to 90%. I may extend the humifier operating time from 7pm to 9pm, so that the humidity is not fluactuate so much.

External Sound Test

After delaying few months, finally I can use my Hexagon tweeter to verify my external sound collection. The sound including famous BC sound.

Below is the best external sound I got. The birds like the sound so much that some clinched on the tweeter.

The BC sound is below my expectation. Maybe my location not suitable or maybe my Amp setting is not right....