Monday, September 19, 2011

My New Project

After meeting the consultant and also visited BH done by him, there are a lot of things that I still need to learn. The consultant said the entrance of BH has to be made like a "Highway", so that the birds can fly in smoothly. I guess a lot of people already know the important of smooth entrance design, but how smooth is smooth? Different definition will affect how we design the smooth entrance?

Beside the entrance design, there are a lot of small little things that done by the consultant which I believe a very important factor for the BH Success. For Example, Vent hole design. He did not use PCV pipe. He also cleverly make use of internal light to extract birds and use ventilation fan with timer to control the BH ventilation.

I also checked some other BH done by the consultant. Among them are my wife's cousin BH. I called him to find out more about his BH and the consultant. He told me that after 1 year, the nests already reach 60 to 80 nests. Consider the location is still not the prime area, I think the results are very good.

After all those studies, I decided to let him convert my old BH ground floor to BH and also revamp my old BH on upper floor. For those who interested to find out more, you can either call or email me. 02-91275446 or

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mysteries BH - Corner Plank & Fake Nest

The Consultant uses corner planks for all the corner area. In other word, you can't find any 90degC angle corner in the BH. This is very different from what common practice whereby we start with 90degC corner and add plank after the birds start making the nests. According to his experience, if we put the corner plank after the nests build for 2 or more times, the chances that the birds will stay at the corner is very slim. He want to do it Right and Right at the Beginning.

There is no single fake nests found in the BH. I did invite him to visit my old BH. When he saw the paper fake nests and other type of fake nests, this was what he told me: "No doubt fake nest will help the young birds to make nest faster, but once you remove it, there is no 100% guarantee that the birds will come back again." I agreed with him as I experienced the same things.

He then continued: "Nest grow should be linear or exponential grow. You want it to be positive grow all the time. You do not want to see once the fake nest is changed to another location or removed, the birds do not like its "house" being moved and refuse to make the nest. Then your nest count will be like Zig-zag shape."

Do it Right and Right at the Beginning.