Monday, December 20, 2010

Fake Nest Joke

Last month I made a few paper fake nests. This is the first time I try out this method. Not bad, I found a new nest within a month. But......not in the fake nest, is BESIDE the fake nest.

From the picture, it seem like the bird trying to tell me :" stupid. My nest is not so big, why you make such a big fake nest? If you cannot imaging, let me build a real nest just beside it for you to compare...."

So, my customer (birds) already complained and give their feedback. I promised to make a smaller fake nest during my next visit.

Yakult for Bird?

I am using the Yakult container to fill up with aroma. Hope the aroma smell can last for 1 month.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New BH Update 10-Dec

Some updated photo for my new BH. The progress is slow but everthing is in order. Now doing the sound system installation. Hope can start by end of this year.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

VT-16 2x5" Tweeter Comparison

I received an email from Mr K who want to my VT-16 2x5" internal tweeter from me. He said he had done a very details Frequency Analysis to find out what is the best internal tweeters at the affordable price in the market. He played Baby King (internal sound) using different tweeters and check what is its frequency response.

He has quite a number of well known tweeters collection. The result is ONLY VT-16 able to cover the frequency range from Baby King.

Below are the test results that he shared with me. Mr K agreed to let me publish his results in my blog but the condition is do not publish the photo and name of other tweeter.

VT-16 Test Results - Take note that the VT-16 has about 70dB at 20Hz - 1KHz and well above 90dB at higher freq.

XX- Tweeter - the freq response at 20 to 1KHz on 60dB and only 80dB at 5K to 10KHz.

YY Tweeter - same as XX Tweeter.According to him, non of the tweeter able to cover the external sound very well. I asked him whether he tested any Bullet Tweeter? He said no. So I promised I will pass to him a Bullet Tweeter to verify.

Monday, December 6, 2010

New BH Update2

My new join venture BH is not 1 shop lot but 2. Yes, is a combined 2 shop lots BH side by side. The combined BH will have a bigger space for the birds to fly freely. Hope the birds like it.

The contractor is short of man power that is why the progress of BH is very slow. Hope the BH can completed 2 weeks from now.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

NewBH Update

The new BH completed 80% already. Hope can finish by end of this month.

Some photo about my new BH.

Rockwood use for ceiling insulation

Nesting plank.

BH Open roof entrance.

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DIY Magic4

Last weekend, I upgraded my Hexagonal Tweeter to "Magic4". Magic4 is made of 4 Magic Bullets Tweeter (Bullet Tweeter + Bi-Radial horn). The horn is faced at 4 direction. The total cost is less than RM300. I believe most of you can made a better design than me.

I still do not know how good the Magic4 compare to Hexagonal. But from the review posted by users, I am quite confident Magic4 can give your BH some advantages compare to your neighbour BH.

Please Click link for Bullet Bazooka Review.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Melaka GP Seminar

Last weekend I have attended the "Melaka GP" Seminar organized by JPV Melaka. The turn out rate is very encouraging. About 150 participants.

The main purpose of this seminar is to explain what is "Melaka GP", what is the regulation we need to follow to get license and what is the different between the "1G" National Guideline and Melaka GP (see picture below).

If you have read 1G guideline before, your BH can be classified as,

1) Existing BH
2) New BH.

For Existing BH, there is no requirement on distance from Residential area. But for New BH in Melaka, you need to have at least 100 meter away from Residential area (1GP only require 50 meter). According to the PBT Melaka officer, if your BH build before 1-July 2010, your BH is classified as Existing BH. 1-July 2010 is the date when the "Melaka GP" booklet print out.

I am not exactly sure how they are going to know your BH build before 1-July 2010. But what I know for sure is that if you want to get your license, the first thing you need to do is quickly register your BH with JPV Melaka before end of this year.

The last thing is the license fee is also quite reasonable. 1 year about RM250 including the license plate. But you need to renew every year :(

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BH Shopping List - Plank

Plank is the most expensive item for the new BH. In Malaysia, the most common wood use for plank is Red Meranti. The wood must be no smell and not easy to grow fungus. The Red Meranti wood can be divided into 2 groups; Dark Red Meranti and Light Red Meranti. Dark Red Meranti is darker, harder and more expensive. Btw, I am not wood expert. For more details should check with Sawmill owner.

1. What dimension - 6 inch width and 1 inch thick. If shorter than 6 inch, the fur might easily stick to the nest.

2. How many plank require for 20x70' shop lot (1-storey) - Depend on nesting box design. If you use 3x1 feet nesting box for all your BH, you need ~ 1700 feet. 1200 feet about 1 ton. So 1700 about 1.4 ton.

3. How much - Right now Dard Red Meranti around RM3300/ton and Light Red Meranti around RM2600/ton.

How many

Monday, November 8, 2010

GAPH Seminar By Melaka Veterinary Department

FYI, Veterinary Department of Melaka is organizing GAPH Seminar this coming Saturday (13-Nov-2010). RM250/px. You need to register by 10-Nov-2010

I called them up and told them that I had attended GAPH seminar 2 years ago and whether is still valid? They told me that the GAPH seminar is based on New Guideline and the previous one is not valid.

The seminar is start from 8.30am to 4.30pm. For those who wish to attend, just email me so that we can meet at the seminar and have some chat.

Contact of Veterinary Department of Melaka

Monday, November 1, 2010

Shopping List - Insulator

If you ask me between Temperature and Humidity, which is more important. My answer is Temperature. We need to maintenance the temperature between 26degC to 30degC all the time in our BH. So selecting proper insulator is very important during the initial BH setup.

If your BH is at the corner or standalone, the source of the heat is from the wall and roof. For Shop lot, the heat source mainly from the roof.

Few type of insulator:-

1.) Styrofoam - My current BH used 2" Styrofoam place on top of ceiling. There is a aluminum foil right below the roof. With this combination, my BH temperature highest point is 31degC.

2. Heat Insulator Paint - Some one in the Swiftlet Product Forum recommend this as it can bring down the heat at the roof > 5degC. The price for 20 liter is about RM680. But you need to apply a layer of "Primer" for better adhesive which is around RM600++. You can use this on your wall.
3. Cellulose - Some one in the "Swiftlet Product Forum" also recommend this.

4. Rockwool - I use this one for my new BH because my friend recommend this to me and the price also quite reasonable. Each pack consist of 6pcs Slab (1200x600x50mm) and cost about RM52. For 20x70 feet shop lot, I bough 30 packs and cost me around ~RM1600.

Monday, October 25, 2010

BH Shopping List - Sound System (part 2)

1. How many Internal Amp you need?
- Min 2 pcs - As the internal Amp need to support > 100 tweeters and run 24 hours, normally people like to switch between this 2 amps every 3 hours.

For me I use 1 Amp to run around 100 tweeters for 24 hours. I use PC fan to cold down the Amp. I use another internal Amp to play pulling and colony sound.

One advantage of playing few different internal sounds is you might able to find good internal sound in shorter time. As we know internal sound is harder to prove whether is good or bad compared to external sound. So playing different internal sounds at the same time better changes to get 1 right. How to know? See whether birds like to make nest near the tweeters? Make sure the volume is control properly, not too loud.

Another advantage is in case 1 Amp broken, you have another one running.

2. How many External Amp
- Min 2 Amp. 1 Amp play external sound and another play Hexagonal and Bazooka. You can use lower power Amp as the number of tweeters connected to the amp is normally < 10pcs.

3. How Much
- Internal Amp - RM300 to RM600 - Depend the power of the Amp
- External Amp - RM200 to RM400

Speaker Wire
1. What is the diameter?
- The bigger the better. I can only manage to get 42x0.15mm thickness of wire. If you can get 50 treads and above would be good.

2. How long you need?
- I bought 3x100meter speaker wire for my new BH. Should be more that enough.

3. How much?
- Depend on the size and length and of course copper price. Right now around RM80 to RM100 for 100 meters cable.

BH Shopping List - Sound System (part 1)

To DIY BH yourself, you need to list out the shopping list yourself. Since I am now building my new BH, I will list down some of the items here. Let me start with Sound System.

1. How many internal tweeters you need for 1 floor say 20x70' shop lot? There are 3 groups,

a. Group 1 said 400 tweeters - because since birds like to make nest at or near tweeters, so the more the merrier.

b. Group 2 said 10 to 20 tweeters - because too many will confuse birds. This group use good tweeters so that the sound is crystal clear and the frequency range is fall within 1KHz to 16KHz. Bird will zoom in to this places.

c. Group 3 said around 100 tweeters - I am belong to this group. I always believe "Balance". Too many confess birds, too few doesn't sound like there are a few colonies in the BH. I will also make sure I added around 10 "Magic Bullet" at selective locations. So you will have ~ 100 tweeters playing baby birds and colonies sound and the good tweeters plying pulling sounds.

2. How many External Tweeters
- 2 External tweeters at the entrance between outside and your roving
- 2 External tweeters at the entrance between roving and nesting.
- 6 Hexagonal tweeters. For me I will use 4 Bullet Bazooka.

3. Whether to use good quality tweeters?
- External tweeter is a MUST.
- Internal tweeter depend on your budget. For me, as I only use 100 tweeters, I will use good tweeters as it only cost extra RM1K. You has better sound and less maintenance.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My New BH - Metal Door Design

If you have gone through my blog from beginning, my current BH design was done by a consultant. Sad to said that the design is very bad. It is very very difficult to do a major change once your BH is running. After all the modification, my BH nests increase every month but the growth still not up to my expectation. For now onward, I will not do any structure change and focus more on the sound system, micro and aroma. Because every major change in design will temporary affect the nest grow. Birds need to take time to get use to the new design.

Now is time to move on to my next BH. My brother in law asked me to JV with him to convert his shop lot to BH which is just next to my current BH. This is great. I can use all the knowledge that I have gained so far to design my "Preferred BH design" and compare to my current BH. 2 different BH design at same location.

I will try to post as many photo as possible through out the new BH renovation progress. Let me start with Metal Door Design. My Metal door has 3 lockers at the front and 2 lockers at the "Back". To excess the back locker, you need to first open the front locker in order to open the small little panel. Then you can open the locker at the back.

I have 2nd similar metal door between the staircase. I am going to use my first half of the staircase as control room where all the Amp will be located here. The upper half of staircase will be use for nesting area.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Function of Horn

Below is the article I copied from the Wikipedia.

A horn loudspeaker is a complete loudspeaker or loudspeaker element which uses a horn to increase the overall efficiency of the driving element, typically a diaphragm driven by an electromagnet. The horn itself is a passive component and does not amplify the sound from the driving element as such, but rather improves the coupling efficiency between the speaker driver and the air. The horn can be thought of as an "acoustic transformer" that provides impedance matching between the relatively dense diaphragm material and the air of low density. The result is greater acoustic output from a given driver.[1]

The narrow part of the horn next to the speaker driver is called the "throat" and the large part farthest away from the speaker driver is called the "mouth".[1]

Horns have been used to extend the low frequency limit of a speaker driver—when mated to a horn, a speaker driver is able to reproduce lower tones more strongly. The flare rate and the mouth size determine the low frequency limit. The throat size is more of a design choice. Horns have been known to extend the frequency range of a driver beyond five octaves.[1]

Base on the Wikipedia explanation, now then I realized why the horn come with the minimum frequency spec. So if your speaker driver min freq is 2KHz and you need to lower that freq to 1KHz to cover the birds freq range, you need to consider getting a suitable horn.
Specifications: • Horn type: Exponential • Minimum frequency: 600 Hz • Nominal dispersion: 45° H x 45° V • Throat diameter: 1.0" • Mounting type: 1-3/8"-18 TPI •

Specifications: *Horn type: Bi-radial *Minimum frequency: 1,500 Hz *Nominal dispersion: 60° H x 40° V *Throat diameter: 1.0" *Mounting type: 1-3/8"-18 TPI *Dimensions: 6.34" W x 5.16" H x 4.16" D

Saturday, October 9, 2010

BH Checklist

A lot of people asked me to send him the bird house checklist. I decided to attach a link below for everyone to download. The checklist is especially usefully for those new BH.

Download BH Checklist

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Internal Bullet Tweeter

I have installed 2 Bullet Tweeters using another type of horn at 2 sides of the partition. The sound quality is really good. I purposely placed Styrofoam at the side of the tweeters. Hope the birds will rest there and enjoy the beautiful music.

Waterproof Cover for Bullet Bazooka

Last weekend when I checked my Bullet Bazooka, I found out that the water proof covers were torn already. One of the reason is that the cloth cannot withstand under hot sun and rain condition.

But if you looked at it carefully, I think the main reason is caused by bird cling on the cloth. The birds like the sounds from the Bullet Bazooka.

I need to think another method to make the bullet Bazooka water proof.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Important of Bird Colony

If someone asked me what is the best internal sound? My answer would be the "LIVE" natural sound from the Colony Birds, not playing from the tweeters.

If someone asked me what is the common thing for those successful BH? My answer would be there are a lot of Birds Colony.

We play internal sound to let new birds know that there are a lot of birds in the BH. We know this method work as birds like to make their nest at the tweeters. Imaging there are > 20 birds at the same area singing and playing LIVE. Do you think the effect would be better than those tweeters?

So my next focus would be "How to form as many Colony Birds as possible". Either by using VIP room, more tweeters, special aroma.......