Monday, December 20, 2010

Fake Nest Joke

Last month I made a few paper fake nests. This is the first time I try out this method. Not bad, I found a new nest within a month. But......not in the fake nest, is BESIDE the fake nest.

From the picture, it seem like the bird trying to tell me :" stupid. My nest is not so big, why you make such a big fake nest? If you cannot imaging, let me build a real nest just beside it for you to compare...."

So, my customer (birds) already complained and give their feedback. I promised to make a smaller fake nest during my next visit.

Yakult for Bird?

I am using the Yakult container to fill up with aroma. Hope the aroma smell can last for 1 month.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New BH Update 10-Dec

Some updated photo for my new BH. The progress is slow but everthing is in order. Now doing the sound system installation. Hope can start by end of this year.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

VT-16 2x5" Tweeter Comparison

I received an email from Mr K who want to my VT-16 2x5" internal tweeter from me. He said he had done a very details Frequency Analysis to find out what is the best internal tweeters at the affordable price in the market. He played Baby King (internal sound) using different tweeters and check what is its frequency response.

He has quite a number of well known tweeters collection. The result is ONLY VT-16 able to cover the frequency range from Baby King.

Below are the test results that he shared with me. Mr K agreed to let me publish his results in my blog but the condition is do not publish the photo and name of other tweeter.

VT-16 Test Results - Take note that the VT-16 has about 70dB at 20Hz - 1KHz and well above 90dB at higher freq.

XX- Tweeter - the freq response at 20 to 1KHz on 60dB and only 80dB at 5K to 10KHz.

YY Tweeter - same as XX Tweeter.According to him, non of the tweeter able to cover the external sound very well. I asked him whether he tested any Bullet Tweeter? He said no. So I promised I will pass to him a Bullet Tweeter to verify.

Monday, December 6, 2010

New BH Update2

My new join venture BH is not 1 shop lot but 2. Yes, is a combined 2 shop lots BH side by side. The combined BH will have a bigger space for the birds to fly freely. Hope the birds like it.

The contractor is short of man power that is why the progress of BH is very slow. Hope the BH can completed 2 weeks from now.