Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Equivalent Motorola Quality Tweeter

A lot of blog claim that they have Motorola Equivalent Quality Tweeter. But how true is that, no one now. I have found a web-site below that shows a lot of users review regarding the quality of the tweeter is equivalent to Motorola tweeter. The best thing is the price only < US1.50/each.


GT-1005 - good for internal

3"x7" - good for external

I have checked the price and shipment costs for 100pcs GT-1005. Item cost US$128 but shipment cost US$178. Let me know if you are interested. We may share the costs.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Visit Puri Hotel, Melaka

Last week, I also took the opportunity to visit famous Puri Hotel which have swiftlet staying in the bright and crowded environment. Swiftlet feeding their baby.

Amazing.....without bird sound from amplifier, I can hear clearly the "click" sound.

I overheard one visitor said that previously this hotel is the bird house. Maybe that explain why the birds still continue staying this hotel.

More birds shits after 6 weeks

I visited my BH last week. The birds shits counts>10 spots. All of them below the tweeters. The area that I applied Aroma on Plank at Right hand side of my BH have more bird shit. So I reapplied again at the same plank and also extend to other area.

Below is the Left hand side of the BH with some new Bird shits but not as many as the right hand side of the BH. This show that the aroma that I used did improve the bird shits count.I have added about 10 fake nests made by Styrofoam which have been deeped in the aroma for 1 night. I have placed them at the right hand side of the BH.

Still not seeing any sign of Bird nest. Hope to see it during the next visit.