Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Temp and Humidity Chart for my New BH

Below are my Temp and Humidity chart for my new JV BH. It consist of 2 shop lot.

The first shop lot is belong to Lim. This is where the entrance hole located. The highest temp is 31 degC and the temperature fluctuate.
This is another shop lot Temp and humidity chart. This shop lot is connected to the first shop lot by 2 holes at the front and back. This BH temperature and humidity is very stable. When the temperature at first shop lot reach 31degC, this shop lot only reach 29degC.
Both shop lots were installed with Rockwool insulator at the ceiling. The only different is the first with Open roof. Maybe that is why the temperature and humidity are fluctuate more. I still investigating what is the root cause. Hopefully can found it before Grand Opening during CNY.

Btw, the BH has not installed any humidifier yet. The average humidity already around 80%. So I would like to start without the humidifier for at least first 3 months. I just want to make sure the plank is properly dried.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Jiayin DIY Nest Checker

Mr Tan sent me some photo to show how he DIY the Nest Checker.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to Play 2 Different Sound with 1 Amp

The are few people asked me how to play 2 different sounds using 1 amp. To do that first you need to download the Audacity program.

Use the program to open the 2 sounds that you would like to combine.

Sound A
Sound B

Open New File

Split the Sound A and B from Stereo to Mono

Highlight one channel from each sound and drag to the new file.

Change the New File sound from Mono to Stereo.

You might need to cut the sound so that both sound has equal length and end at the same time. Save the new sound in Mp3 format.
Now you have new sound that playing different sound at different channel.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sound Installation

A lot of people have different sound installation method. For my new BH, I decided to use the lesson that I learned from Pak Hen seminar.

Internally I have:-
1. Internal sound - consist of different internal sounds playing out from the left and right channels.
2. Colony sound playing from the center tweeters.
3. Pulling sound playing from Magic Bullet.

Externally I have
1. Magic 4 - use 4 pcs Magic Bullet. It function like Hexagonal cum Bazooka
2. Bullet Bazooka - 2 pcs.

Total 4 amps.

I use all good quality tweeters in my new BH which consist of:-
1. VT-16 2x5"
2. VT-25 3x7"
3. Magic Bullet
4. Bullet Bazooka.

I spend extra 2K~3K on tweeters compare to normal tweeters. If you take the additional cost compare to the overall BH cost, it is only < 10%.

There is no solid prove that a better tweeters will give you better results. But I ask myself, what is the reason people playing birds sound external and internally? Obviously is to try to intimate the real birds and let the new birds know this BH has a lot of its friends. This BH is mature and safe. Furthermore, since the additional cost is not a lot, so, I go for the better one.