Saturday, February 26, 2011

New BH Results - 26Feb11 (3 weeks)

After a lot of afford put in to study what is the best design, the best sound system, best tweeters selection and best insulation materials, finally the result is out.....(note the best only apply to my BH)

Close to 3 weeks after operation, there are 5 patches of bird shits at the expected locations except the top right corner location. I gave 'A' for myself. If top right corner also has bird shit, then I will give 'A+'.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Anyone Interested on Roxul MPS?

For those who know me well, I only recommend products that I tested well in my own BH. There are quite a number of people want to find out from me:-

1. How much is the Roxul MPS:
Ans: Rm55/bale. Each bale consist of 6 pcs slab with 4x2' and 2 inch thick. Note the price excluding shipping cost.

2. How to install?
Ans: Just place the MPS on top of ceiling. Make sure no gap between each slab. 3. Advantages
  • Simple and fast installation;
  • No sagging/slumping, rigidity lasts for a lifetime of a building;
  • Can be tailor made to various dimensions;
  • Water repellent;
  • Thermal insulant;
  • Non-combustible and firesafe;
I have been using 2" Styrofoam at my old BH and the temperature not stable enough. Consider the vast advantages that Roxul MPS provided over Styrofoam and a slight increase in cost, so please consider MPS in your next BH.

If you interested, please contact me by email:

Monday, February 7, 2011

New JV BH Opening - 7th Feb 2011

7th Feb 2011 is the officially opening of my JV BH. I have put in a few new idea in this new BH.

1. Use Rockwool as ceiling insulator. You can see the chart below, the Temp and Humidity are very stable. 3rd Feb to 5th Feb is hot day in Malacca. No raining.

2. Use all good tweeters. You can see in pictures below I use VT-16 (2x5") and VT-25 (3x7") as internal sound. I use Magic Bullet and Bullet Bazooka (not shown) as pulling sound.

3. More Tweeters at the Corner of BH. I hope to create colony corner. Based on my experience, once a colony is being formed, the grow would be very fast.

4. More Fake Nests at Corner BH. I use total 50 ready made fake nests and installed a lot of Styrofoam fake nests.

5. Sound System Arrangement shown in Pak Hen Book. Hope this can create more surround sound effect.

6. Magic 4 to replace Hexagonal. Use 4pcs Magic Bullet which consist of Bi-Radial horn and Bullet Tweeters. The sound is clearer than normal tweeters.

There will be a lot of things to learn from this new BH.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bullet Tweeter Frequency Spectrum

Some one asked what is the frequency spectrum for Bullet Tweeter. From the spec, it is from 1.8K to 30K.

* Similar to KSN1142A * Power handling: 100 watts RMS. * Frequency response: 1800-30000 Hz * SPL: 92 dB 1W/1m * Mounts to any 1-3/8", 18TPI horn *

But from the Frequency Spectrum, you can see clearly that 1.8KHz to 30KHz is where the SPL > 90dB.

For SPL > 80dB, the min frequency actually start at 800Hz.
Some study said that Swiftlet sound start as low as 1KHz. So, it is important to get a good tweeters that can cover the whole frequency range.

The Bullet Tweeter is used in Bullet Bazooka and Magic Tweeter.