Sunday, November 21, 2010

NewBH Update

The new BH completed 80% already. Hope can finish by end of this month.

Some photo about my new BH.

Rockwood use for ceiling insulation

Nesting plank.

BH Open roof entrance.

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DIY Magic4

Last weekend, I upgraded my Hexagonal Tweeter to "Magic4". Magic4 is made of 4 Magic Bullets Tweeter (Bullet Tweeter + Bi-Radial horn). The horn is faced at 4 direction. The total cost is less than RM300. I believe most of you can made a better design than me.

I still do not know how good the Magic4 compare to Hexagonal. But from the review posted by users, I am quite confident Magic4 can give your BH some advantages compare to your neighbour BH.

Please Click link for Bullet Bazooka Review.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Melaka GP Seminar

Last weekend I have attended the "Melaka GP" Seminar organized by JPV Melaka. The turn out rate is very encouraging. About 150 participants.

The main purpose of this seminar is to explain what is "Melaka GP", what is the regulation we need to follow to get license and what is the different between the "1G" National Guideline and Melaka GP (see picture below).

If you have read 1G guideline before, your BH can be classified as,

1) Existing BH
2) New BH.

For Existing BH, there is no requirement on distance from Residential area. But for New BH in Melaka, you need to have at least 100 meter away from Residential area (1GP only require 50 meter). According to the PBT Melaka officer, if your BH build before 1-July 2010, your BH is classified as Existing BH. 1-July 2010 is the date when the "Melaka GP" booklet print out.

I am not exactly sure how they are going to know your BH build before 1-July 2010. But what I know for sure is that if you want to get your license, the first thing you need to do is quickly register your BH with JPV Melaka before end of this year.

The last thing is the license fee is also quite reasonable. 1 year about RM250 including the license plate. But you need to renew every year :(

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BH Shopping List - Plank

Plank is the most expensive item for the new BH. In Malaysia, the most common wood use for plank is Red Meranti. The wood must be no smell and not easy to grow fungus. The Red Meranti wood can be divided into 2 groups; Dark Red Meranti and Light Red Meranti. Dark Red Meranti is darker, harder and more expensive. Btw, I am not wood expert. For more details should check with Sawmill owner.

1. What dimension - 6 inch width and 1 inch thick. If shorter than 6 inch, the fur might easily stick to the nest.

2. How many plank require for 20x70' shop lot (1-storey) - Depend on nesting box design. If you use 3x1 feet nesting box for all your BH, you need ~ 1700 feet. 1200 feet about 1 ton. So 1700 about 1.4 ton.

3. How much - Right now Dard Red Meranti around RM3300/ton and Light Red Meranti around RM2600/ton.

How many

Monday, November 8, 2010

GAPH Seminar By Melaka Veterinary Department

FYI, Veterinary Department of Melaka is organizing GAPH Seminar this coming Saturday (13-Nov-2010). RM250/px. You need to register by 10-Nov-2010

I called them up and told them that I had attended GAPH seminar 2 years ago and whether is still valid? They told me that the GAPH seminar is based on New Guideline and the previous one is not valid.

The seminar is start from 8.30am to 4.30pm. For those who wish to attend, just email me so that we can meet at the seminar and have some chat.

Contact of Veterinary Department of Melaka

Monday, November 1, 2010

Shopping List - Insulator

If you ask me between Temperature and Humidity, which is more important. My answer is Temperature. We need to maintenance the temperature between 26degC to 30degC all the time in our BH. So selecting proper insulator is very important during the initial BH setup.

If your BH is at the corner or standalone, the source of the heat is from the wall and roof. For Shop lot, the heat source mainly from the roof.

Few type of insulator:-

1.) Styrofoam - My current BH used 2" Styrofoam place on top of ceiling. There is a aluminum foil right below the roof. With this combination, my BH temperature highest point is 31degC.

2. Heat Insulator Paint - Some one in the Swiftlet Product Forum recommend this as it can bring down the heat at the roof > 5degC. The price for 20 liter is about RM680. But you need to apply a layer of "Primer" for better adhesive which is around RM600++. You can use this on your wall.
3. Cellulose - Some one in the "Swiftlet Product Forum" also recommend this.

4. Rockwool - I use this one for my new BH because my friend recommend this to me and the price also quite reasonable. Each pack consist of 6pcs Slab (1200x600x50mm) and cost about RM52. For 20x70 feet shop lot, I bough 30 packs and cost me around ~RM1600.