Saturday, October 22, 2011

Revamp BH Completed

Due to my consultant busy schedule, he only started renovating my ground floor BH + revamping my 2nd floor BH last Friday. He managed to complete the job within a week. Sadly I do not have change to go through the renovating process. My kids exams are coming and I have to stay back in Singapore to go through revision with them.   

I have asked my brother help to take some of pictures and I will share with you all here.
Before Renovation - Messy

After Renovation - Super clean and added more planks with full corner plank.
Before Renovation - tweeters near corner planks
Before Renovation - A lot of fake nests, nests and birds
After Renovation - Old tweeters replaced by his tweeters. Birds, nests and fake nests all GONE!!! A bit worry whether the birds will come back or not.

No more 12x12 roving area.
The Consultant threw all the old tweeters but still keep the Bullet Bazooka.