Sunday, August 29, 2010

How Far Can Sound From Bullet Bazooka Travel?

A lot people claim that the sound from their Bazooka can reach 500m to 1km. But I have not seen any experiment done by them. I always wanted to know how far can the sound from Bullet Bazooka go?

Last Friday after "Bird Talk" with my friends at Mac at around 10.30pm, we went to an industrial area with an open field. See the Google Maps below. Btw, those buildings no longer there. Google Maps a bit slow to update their system. We played the Bullet Bazooka at Point A at the right volume and we walk across the field until we reach Point B. For me at Point B, I cannot hear the sound but my friends still can hear the sound but very soft already. Hmm....this is also good for hearing test. My hearing system is old already :( Maybe swiftlet has better hearing system and still can hear the sound.

Based on the scale at the left hand bottom corner, the distance from Point A to Point B is 300 meters. We also verified the area coverage at Point B (left to right distance from Point B). It is about 200 meters in diameter.

So now I can safely tell people how far the sound from Bullet Bazooka can travel. I am quite sure if you put 2 or more Bullet Bazooka together, the distance can go beyond 300 meters .

If you still hesitate how good is the Bullet Bazooka, please click the link below to see the comments from those people that are using now.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

DIY Bazooka Using Bullet Tweeter

In one of Pak Hen article, it did mention that bird echo frequency around 1.5K to 3KHz. With 100 watt and freq range from 1.8K to 30K, the Bullet Tweeter definitely one of the good weapon to be used in the war zone. It can be fitted in different horn to become External Tweeter or Bazooka.

You can use the PVC tube below to DIY your Bazooka.
You can even use the small cone use in roller blade practice as External Tweeter or Bazooka.

If you have extra budget, you can buy some of the professional design horn below

If you want something that can shot your sound far, Bullet Bazooka still one of the best. Click the image to see Review.
For the first 5 customers who purchase 5 Bullet Tweeter, FREE one 2x5" internal tweeter which has similar performance as KSN1016 Motorola tweeter.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Security System

If you have security issue in your BH, you might need to consider installing electrical wire fence.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why Exponential Horn is More Expensive?

Someone asked me why Exponential Horn used in Bullet Bazooka is so expensive? There are 2 reasons.

1. High Quality Material

The horn is crafted of high quality molded fiberglass, diecast aluminum, or ABS and provides different angles of dispersion to allow for maximum and optimal sound coverage to suit the particular application. The horns can be used in the most demanding of touring environments. Conical, narrow dispersion exponential horn for long throw monitor and P.A. enclosures. Polypropylene construction. Horn Type: Exponential Minimum Frequency: 600 Hz Nominal Dispersion: 45° H x 45° V Throat Diameter: 1.0" Mounting Type: 1-3/8"-18 TPI Dimensions: 6.1" W x 6.1" H x 10.2" D

2. Higher Shipment Cost due to it size.

The shipment cost is more expensive than the unit itself due to is size and shape that require bigger box.

For those people that can DIY their own horn, the best solution is to buy the Bullet Tweeters.

If you are not satisfied with the horn, just return the horn back to me within 2 weeks in good condition. I will return the money back to you. But you need to pay for the shipment cost. Note, this is only apply to horn.

I hope you satisfied with the good products that I introduce in my blog.

Natural sound inside BH

I have attached the 10sec sound recorded in the BH with > 1000 nests at 11pm to 12am.

Bullet Bazooka Ready for Order

Bullet Bazooka and Bullet Tweeters are ready for order. As I cannot hand carry the part back from US like last time, the selling cost of the Bullet Bazooka will be slightly expensive than last time. However, bullet tweeter remain unchanged.

Bullet Bazooka - RM100/set. RM90/set for 2 units and above.
Bullet Tweeter - RM30/unit
Beside that, I also ordered 2x5" internal tweeter which is equivalent to Motorola KSN1016. The selling price is RM10/unit (min 5 units). You might want to install this tweeter in your VIP room.
Power handling: 50 watts RMS/75 watts max * Frequency response: 3,500-27,000 Hz * SPL: 94 dB

Due to high shipment cost, I only order limited part. Those who interested, please let me know ASAP.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What is My Next Upgrade

2 weeks ago, I just upgraded my External Sound System. I installed few Bullet Bazooka and changed my external tweeter from normal tweeter to bullet tweeter. The sound is loud and clear. My old tweeter can play loud but not clear. When the volume increase up to certain level, the sound become noisy. Click to the Bazooka picture on the right to view some of the comments from those who use. Those that have not update, if you think the product no good, please also write your comment. I will publish also. I need to make sure the product is good before I make another order.

So what is the next upgrade I plan to do? There have been some times I have not take a close look on my Temperature and Humidity Chart. Below chart is the recent zoom in chart so that I can see the changes clearly by day.

Temperature - I wise to hit 28degC target temperature consistently. I still 1 degC higher.

Humidity - I wise to get between 80% to 85%. But now fluctuate between 76% to 84%.

When I look closely at the pattern of the humidity chart, I realized that the humidity start increase after 10am and start dropping after 7pm. This is exactly same time as what my chicken coop humidifier operating hours. Does it means once the humidifier stop operating, the internal moisture will move to the outside through my entrance hole? Maybe my entrance hole is too big and air move out very fast.

So, what upgrade I need to do to make the temperature and humidity more stable. Below are some of the things that I hope to implement during my next visit,

1. Extend my partition facing the entrance hole from 4 feet width to 8 feet width. Hope to reduce the air flow

2. Change to 10 heads mist makers. I can even run at night if want to as the ultrasonic humidifier produce almost no sound. I finally got my 10 heads mist makers.

3. Apply heat insulator paint suggested by one of my forum reader.

Hope to hit 100 nests by end of October.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mist Maker Maintenance Kits

A lot of people forgot to check how long can the metal diaphragm that use to create mist last? The metal diaphragm does get wear out after certain hour of use? For 10 heads mist maker that my friend is selling, the spec said the disk can last for 3000 hours. If the mist maker is operated 5 hours/day, then it can last for at least 600 days.

My friend is selling the mist maker maintenance kits for RM30 only. Each set has 5 disks. You can easily change the disk yourself. Please email me if you are interested before the price change.

For those people that use different type of mist maker, do check with your supplier about the maintenance kids. Otherwise, you are wasting your money to get expensive humidifier that do not come with maintenance kids.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Install Bullet Bazooka

I asked my mum help to tailor made a water proof cover for my bullet bazooka. I specially asked her to use cloth to made a string instead of rubber ribbon to tighten the cover. So that it can last longer under hot sun and rain conditions.

I put some waters on top of the cloth for 30 mins and no water leak.

To make sure the bullet tweeter is protected, I found a Styrofoam that used to cover the corner of the electrical appliance to cover it.

Next, I installed Bullet Bazooka at the entrance facing of course to a successful BH about 200 meters away. I did not actually measure how far the bullet bazooka can travel. But the sound from the Bazooka is very clear.

I also installed bullet Tweeter using different horn at the 2 side of the entrance.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What is the Natural Birds Sound at 11pm to 12am

What is the Natural Birds Sound at 11pm to 12am? Are those birds sleeping? mating? playing?

Finally I have opportunity to know the answer. If you follow my early blog, I bought the Sony Digital Recorder for > 1 year ago. I hardly use it. Last 2 months, I have given the opportunity to record the natural birds sound at night from 11pm to 12am at a very successful birds house. The internal sound is off during the recording.
Below are the sound waveform from 11pm to 12am. If you look at the waveform, most of the time the birds are very active. A lot of "chit chat chit chat...." and "tek tek tek...." sounds. Only when it close to 12am, the sound start to soften down. As the birds are very active, hardly hear any Piyik sound.

My friend told me at that time, most of the nests contains egg. I will ask my friend to record again when there is more baby birds.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Waterproof Cover for Mini Bazooka

A lot of people asked me whether the Mini Baz that I sell is it waterproof. Although is not stated in the spec, I think not because those people in US use the bullet tweeter for their music system in their house, not birds.

Those questions trigger me to think how to provide a waterproof feature for the mini Baz. The quick solution is to use a metal sheet to place on top of mini Baz like a roof. This is easy to implement as the horn has 4 holes at the front. You can drill 2 holes at the metal sheet and use cable tie to fix the metal sheel to horn easily.

Another method is to use a cloth that is water proof but is thin enough to let the sound out without any attenuation. I think I have found this material from a disposable cloth. Below is the close look of the material. There is a lot of small hole but is small enough to prevent the water molecule to fall through.

This material is also thin enough and when I cover on a blue chair, I can still easily see the color of the chair even though the cloth is black color.

Finally, I did a simple experiment. I poured a red water on a bowl that covered by the cloth. I let the Red water stay on top for around 10 sec. When I removed the cloth, I cannot see single Red Water stain in the bowl. I am going to use the cloth to tailor made a cover with rubber band when I back to Melaka next week. Will take some photo when is done.