Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heat Insulator Paint

Now a day the weather is very hot. Even though I am using Rockwool to insulate my roof, I find my average temp reading is around 29degC and max is 31.5degC. Maybe the Rockwool's density that I used not high enough, I decided to try Heat Insulator Paint.

The roof temperature can go down to about 8degC. I hope the BH average temp can go down to 28degC. I will post the data logger reading once I go back this weekend.

If you interested on the Heat Insulator Paint, please email me... cheinwoei.gee@gmail.com

Monday, July 25, 2011

New BH Update July

Now has 4 full nests and 1 with eggs. There are >10 markings. More work to do....

I am going back this weekend to Melaka. Hope I can talk to my friend and understand what the Magic that his consultant did.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mystery Spot

I am back to Singapore. Last 2 weeks I was visiting a place called Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz. It is a tilted house at the hill slope.

Well, what is that got to do with BH? I guess a lot of people especially those new in this industrial find the swiftlet industrial is a mystery industrial. There is no standard...... 2 people build the Bird house at same area which meet the good micro and design condition may not able to get the same results. It safe to say that no consultant can guarantee 100% success when they design your BH. What is the Mystery or Secret behind to some successful BH.

I have a friend engaged a consultant to convert his shop lot to BH at 10km away from my new BH. He started his BH around the same time as mine new BH. His consultant keep his BH key for 1 year. After 4 months, my friend BH has > 20 nests. That is very good compare to mine which only 3 nests.

From his photo, i can see that his BH uses:-
1. Good Dark Red Meranti Plank
2. Not many tweeters (not sure what brand)
3. No cluster tweeters (4 or more tweeters tight together)
4. All Tweeters facing same direction
5. No humidifier
6. No aroma (as far as he know)
7. Simple internal design.
8. No VIP room

I hope next week, I have chanced to understand more about the Mystery of his BH. Things that I would like to know is how many Amp he use? How many type of sounds he is playing.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New BH after 4 months

3 full nests for last month. This results better than my old one but still not good enough. I will talk about my friend BH which started same times as me but has > 20 nests.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

In US now

Sorry for slow response for the past 2 weeks. I am still in US for business trip. I already ordered Bullet Bazooka and will hand carry back to Sgp when I back on 9th July. For those who want to try new horn below, you can order from me now.