Tuesday, February 7, 2012

BH Results After 3 months Revamp

Wow, is has been a while I never updated my blog. As my BH key is keep by my consultant, I cannot visit my BH as freely as before. 2 days before CNY, finally I visited my BH for the first time after 3 months revamped. I would say the results are IMPRESS. The birds shit and number of birds visit has been increased more than double. I do not have time to count exactly how many nests. But it should be close to the pre-revamp period.

There are around 10 pcs nests drop on the floor. According to my consultant, this is good sign as it shows that the number of birds increase a lot. Some birds lazy to build their nests and they will fight for other birds' nests. It time to add humidifier now...

Beautiful Picture at Roving area

Most of the fake nests has been removed. Birds start coming back to build their Nest

Birds Start coming back to build their nests
Fresh Bird Shit...Love it..
Birds still enjoy flying in the BH after we went in around 1pm

Another corner will a lot of bird shit spreading all over the place