Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DIY Mirror For Nests Inspection

Thanks for Mr. Fre again for sharing with us his DIY project. I like this very much, simple, cheap and effective. I decided to create a DIY link

Mr Fre,

I recently came up with this idea of making useful nests inspection mirror using simple material and tools. firstly, you need to find a CD that is no longer needed such as annual reports. You also need to find sticks that is as short or as long as you require. You then cut the CD into two halves or alternately you can also use a complete CD without cutting. Then you can either nail the CD to the stick or better still, to use a screw, and you will have a useful tool which you can make as many as you need. Not only it is virtually free but is is also very light compare to mirror although the reflection is less clear than a mirror. The other advantage is that the CD will not break up in case if fall to the floor or if it is accidentally knock against the wall.