Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Temp Chart for Nov_Dec09

As you realized that I am not writing as frequent as before. Because I am now spend more time to start up another new business.

Nevertheless, I will still try to update the progress of my BH. I hope those new comer can learn from my mistake.

Ok, today I am going to share with you my another method to maintain the temperature of the BH. As all of you know, the hottest parts for most of the BH is ceiling. To reduce that, we will put insulator below the roof. If not enough, some will spray water on the roof especially at noon.

For me, I am using ventilator to suck out the hot air from the ceiling. The ventilator is installed at the toilet which is located at the end of my BH. Remember my roving area is at the front of my BH with the ceiling opening cover by net. In this way, I can constantly create a moving air at the ceiling. Hot air out, fresh air in.

I have 2 data loggers in my BH. 1st one I call it Ext and is fixed at the roving area (see 2nd chart) and the other one I call it Int and is located at the center of my BH near the plank (see 1st chart). Can you see how much is the fluctuation of the external temp and humidity compare to my BH internal micro condition.