Monday, May 24, 2010

My Nest Count Record

After my last article about 20 nests in 2 months, my bird nests continue grow. Another 10 nests in 3 weeks. Below graph shows my nest count growth and summary of what I have done. I believe I am the only blogger shows you in details about my BH progress.

As you can see, my nest count is not good for the last 6 months. The moment I found that my bird nests count stop growing for 2 months, I immediately take action. As usual, I get opinion for some sifu. Then I will list now all the action items and start the most critical one.

To me, the most critical part is to get the design right. Otherwise no matter how good is your external sound, internal sound, or the best aroma also useless. Once you get your design right and of course with the good micro condition, then applying good aroma will boost your nest count.

Bear in mind that I am working in Singapore now. I can only go back to my home town once a month to do all those modification and testing. So, if I can DIY, you also can. Start acting now if your BH is stagnant for month.

Btw, if you need H3N1 aroma, you can let me know.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another External Sound Testing

Last weekend went back to Malaysia to celebrate Mother day and took the opportunity to test out my external sounds collection.

After > 1 hour testing for > 30 songs, I managed to get only 4 really good external sounds. When I define good, it has to be fulfilled the following criteria:-

1. Manage to attract birds play on the hexagonal tweeters and cling on it. This means the birds like the sounds

2. Manage to pull almost all the birds from your nearby bird house.

3. Manage to attract birds fly inside your BH.

I have gone through the similar exercise to test my sound collections. What I found out is, what use to be good external sounds turn out to be not so good anymore and what use to be no good become very good now. So, you may have some good sounds waiting for your to discover.

Enjoy the video clip below.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

21 New Nests in 2 Months

Last weekend my brother do a birds count for me and there are > 50 nests counts now. Finally I exceed the 50 nests mark. Although it is 6 months delay from my initial target, I still feel very excited as this is the biggest jump in nests count so far. 21 new nests in 2 months. See the Blue Dot in pictures below.
I feel like all my renovation, improvements and hard work payoff now. Below are some of the improvements over the pass 6 months.
1. Enlarge Open roof
2. Enlarge Roving area
3. Build Partition
4. Paint Black paint in nesting area
5. Use New Aroma H3N1
6. Change New Internal Sound
7. Change New External Sound

For those who BH nest counts stagnant for at least 2 months, please don't wait for miracle to happen. You need to actively search for solution. To me, design still play the most important parts.