Monday, March 21, 2011

BH Demolished in Penang

My reader sent these photo to me. Is a BH at padi field at Penang. Someone said the BH is too near to the airport that is why it need to be demolished. Whatever reason, I feel painful to see these pictures. All the money and afford put in GONE!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

12 Heads Ultrasonic Humidifier

The humidifier supplier asked me to promote his humidifier products. He purposely came down to Melaka to show his demo units. It has 2 type of humidifiers. The different is one using the recycle container and one using the fiber glass. Both using the same 12 heads ultrasonic humidifier.

My first impression is the unit look good. Why I said so...............

1. Price - Single Head mist cooler - RM830 and Multi Head mist cooler - RM930.
2. 12 heads mist maker - 6 liter/hour output. Strong enough for your 1 floor BH.
3. 230AC to 36 AC adapter - smaller power converter with no additional components to convert to DC power. More reliable.
4. 7 Blades Fan - Stronger and more reliable.
5. You can choose to DIY yourself.

Please email me if you interested.








Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to Connect Tweeters to Amps

The are few people asked my how to connect the tweeters to Amp. I will explain based on my experience.

My old BH uses SS66 Amp (4 channels) to connect 100 tweeters with build in coil. The consultant connect 25 tweeters in parallel to each channel. The cable I think is < 30 cores, quite thin. What happen is, the tweeters that connected at the back say 20 above the sound start reducing and some no sound. So with that experience, I decided to do a proper wiring using the wire configuration below for my new BH.

I will try to connect up to max 15 tweeters in parallel and group them under 1 group. Each group will then connected in parallel at the Amplifier. For example, if I have 100 tweeters to be connected to 4 channels amp, then I can split them 25 tweeters for each Channel. For each Channel, I can further divided the tweeters into 2 groups and one group is 13 pcs and another group is 12 pcs. All the tweeters will be connected in parallel in each group. The 2 terminals for each group will then connected in parallel again at the Amplifier. By doing so, you can ensure all your tweeters will have enough power.

Oops....forgot to say I choose a thicker cable that I can fine. I used 44 cores cable.

Please make sure you do it right at the beginning.

Monday, March 14, 2011

New BH Results after 6 weeks ON TRACK

This is the first time I visited my new BH after officially open on 7-feb. Previous visit was done by my brother. There are 20 bird shits spot now compare to 5 spots 3 weeks ago. A lot of new bird shit spots at the center of BH right below 4-cluster tweeter using VT-16. Enjoy the pictures below.

I use Magic Bullet to play pulling sound at corners or entrance holes. The birds really enjoy the sound from this tweeter.

This is another sound playing by VT-25 (3x7"). The birds and "Cockroach" like it too. Don't understand why this unwanted guest come in so early :(

The data logger shows that the Temperature from mid-feb to early Mar at the high side. The highest is 30.5deg. If the temp reach 31deg, I might consider to use Thermal Paint on my roof. Btw, the rockwool that I use is the lowest density. I will choose higher density for future BH.

Humidity at the low side as I do not use any humidifier in my new BH yet. But soon I will start using a new Ultrasonic Humidifier from one of new supplier. I will touch a bit more on that in my next article.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

3D Drawing using Google Scratch

You need proper plan to design new BH. One of the very important information is to able to draw your new BH in 3D image. With this info, you can visualize clearly what is the flying path of your new tenant. You can sport any error in your BH design earlier.

Remember it only takes few minutes for you to modify your BH design in 3D model. But it will take days to modify your design when your BH is completed.

If you need help in 3D drawing, you can get my help. A small fee will be charged.