Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mini Bazooka Order

I have received a very good response on the Bazooka. For those who still interested, please let me know by TODAY. After today, you will be on waiting list. I cannot guarantee how many I can hand carry back. My email: cheinwoei.gee@gmail.com

Those who order by today, you can only expect to get the item by end of July, As I need to bring back those parts from Singapore to Malaysia after come back from US before I can ship to you.

I believe most of us are not expert in sound, so am I. I have not try out the unit myself. But I rather put my bet on those speaker system that have been received a good reviews by music enthusiastic rather than swiftlet consultant DIY unit. Go and check the youtube how the sirens system look like. Did you find anything that similar like Bazooka system??


Btw, the mini Bazooka come with 2 items. You can also buy separately if you like. Maybe some people like to order bullet horn only and DIY his own horn with longer and bigger size?

1. CTS quality Bullet horn Tweeter - RM30
2. Exponential horn - RM50.

Mini Bazooka

Bazooka is used to shoot external sound to as far as 1km. So that birds can be attracted from far. But did anyone verify the bazooka really can shoot so far? Is the sound still good and clear? I did check in Wikipedia about "Horn Loudspeaker".


According to the Wikipedia definition, horn can be divided into throat and mouth. Throat is the narrow part right after the horn driver and mouth is the external diameter of horn. Normally is exponential shape. But non of the current Bazooka in the market have this criteria. Either the throat diameter is too big or the horn shape is cone or cylinder shape by using PVC pipe. I really wonder whether those bazooka can perform as what they claim.

Recently, I found a website in US that sell good bullet horn driver which is likes CTS quality that can deliver 100 watt RMS power and can go together with 10" exponential horn. Since I am going to US next week, I planning to buy some back to try. For those who interested, please let me know.

* Similar to KSN1142A * Power handling: 100 watts RMS. * Frequency response: 1800-30000 Hz * SPL: 92 dB 1W/1m * Mounts to any 1-3/8", 18TPI horn * Dimensions: diameter: 2-7/16", depth: 1-1/2".

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Birds Playing Around the Ultrasonic Humidifier.

Take a look at the video clip below. A lot of birds enjoy playing around the Ultrasonic Humidifier. Actually, there are more birds playing, but some birds already flew out when my friends came in.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taiwan Humidifier Or Ultrasonic Humidifier?

Which is better? Taiwan Humidifier or Ultrasonic Humidifier?

Let me try to list down the advantages and disadvantages for both.

Taiwan Humidifier
Ultrasonic Humidifier
Noise Level
Coverage Area
Nest Quality
Wet Floor

No doubt ultrasonic humidifier is more expensive, but due to its fine mist, it can cover much larger area hence require only 1 unit to cover 1 floor as compare to 2 for taiwan humidifier. Besides that ultrasonic humidifier can produce whiter and better grade nest. So eventually your return will be more.

Although ultrasonic humidifier require to clean the ceramic every 2 months (recommended), this small maintenance is nothing compare to the gain you get.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Heat Issue? Try RockWool

I have a friend's BH has heat issue. The highest temp is ~32degC. He decided to try out Rockwool from Roxul. After changed, at 3pm, the max temp only 29.5degC.

He told me that there are 6 pcs of Rockwool in a box. Each Rockwool is 4x2 feet and 2" thick. The cost of 1 box is RM75. Imaging if your BH is 20x70' which is around 1400 sqr feet, after minus the open roof entrance area and some other non critical area, only 1200 sqr feet of area need to cover by Rockwool. 1 box can cover 48 sqr feet. You will need 25 boxes which are around RM1875.

If I were to design another BH, I will definitely consider Rockwool rather than 2" Styrofoam. With the global warming effect, you better take it seriously the roof insulator design.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Different BH Design

Saw this video in youtube. Human are very creative...enjoy

New Blog

A good friend of my has started a new blog himself.


Correct Method to Apply H3N1

H3N1 order is increasing. To make sure those people who bought the aroma use it correctly, I specially requested Calvin to explain what is the correct way to use H3N1.

Below is what Calvin wrote.

ok...there r 2 way to using h3n1 ...if for new bh we encourage to spray all the nesting plank for 1st time ...n install auto dispenser in the back of nesting room , 90cm frm nesting plank..
roving room dispenser install mounting in 70 cm .
Please close the ventilation holes surrounding dispenser unit to prevent the aroma not flowing out from bh
Please note that Aroma is not MAGIC and aroma is not EVERYTHING, which can solve our BH problem and make birds population grow faster. Aroma is complementary.bh success must have good location , good design , less competitor and most important is to take care and manage well. not just built the bh and not take care of it.

This is my comments.
Please understand properly the message from 2nd paragraph. AROMA is NOT MAGIC. IS COMPLEMENT. This aroma can attract the birds visit your BH. That is why I always heard the feedback from the user told me the birds zoom in to their BH after they applied the aroma. But whether the bird want to stay, it depend on your BH design, micro conditions and a lot of other factors.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Buy H3N1Aroma from Right Source

I just bought my 2nd batch of H3N1 aroma. This time I found that there is additional warning letter on the can seal with plastic cover. "DO NOT ACCEPT IF SEAL BROKEN". This is very clever idea. I guess it serve 2 purposes.

1. Prevent people from re-brand the product to their own product.

2. Protect the buyer so that the aroma that they bought has not been used yet. Otherwise you can't tell whether the aroma in the can is already left half or not.

So, make sure you buy from the right source and the seal is not broken. Currently, Pak Hen only appoint Calvin from Sarawak to be his only authorized distributor. The purpose is to control the H3N1 usage such that your neighbor would not use the same aroma as you. Imaging everyone use the same aroma in your area, then your BH do not have anymore advantages.

Current Selling price in West M'sia is RM150 and East M'sia is RM120. Note this price is cheaper then you get from someone else. If you are interested, you can let me know (email: cheinwoei.gee@gmail.com). You will get the same price if you go through me or go direct to my friend.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

DIY Super Ultrasonic Humidifier...continue...

A lot of readers ask me the details of the DIY Super Ultrasonic Humidifier. As you can see from pictures, it is very easy to build.

Materials needed.
1. 10 holes mist maker
2. Plastic container
3. PC Fan
4. Water level sensor
5. water hose.
6. 4" PVC tube
7. Water filter (optional but recommended)

Below is the steps,
1. Make 1 4" round hole at top of plastic container for PVC tube; 1 square hole at side for PC fan and 1 small hole for water level sensor at the other side of the container.

2. Fix PC Fan, water level sensor and water hose first on the container.

3. Place at the center of the BH and fix the PVC tube against the wall. Cover the PVC tube with wire mass to prevent birds drop in the PVC tube when the humidifier not in operation.

4. It is highly recommend to use filtered water to reduce the maintenance needed on the mist maker.

The cost of the 10 heads mist maker - RM800. Free delivery only for the first 5 order.

PC Fan - RM50/pcs
Water Level Sensor - RM8/pcs

Note: The price only valid for this batch of mist maker.

Those who interested please let me know and I will let you know my friend bank account.

If you have any new item that you would like to introduce and sell, please let me know.

Friday, June 4, 2010

DIY Ultrasonic Humidifier

Just like to share with you how you can DIY a very powerful ultrasonic humidifier yourself with ~RM800 only. My friend is using 10 ceramic heads ultrasonic humidifier. It can product 3000ml/hour mist. Typical small ultrasonic only product 450ml/hour. So it can replace 6 small ultrasonic humidifier. Imagine each small humidifier costs RM300. 6 humidifiers would be RM1800. So, the DIY humidifier can save RM1000.

My friend has been using the ultrasonic humidifier for few months. According to him, the nests quality have been improved. Bigger and cleaner nests.

To DIY, you need a water container, a PC fan, water level sensor and PVC pipe. Please email me if you interested to find out more.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Petition Online

Please support the swiftlet industry by signing the petition. This is the least that you can do.

Fellow forumers,
We have tried reaching out to the authorities and the alleged 'industry representative'
1)Fed Assoc (both the Chairman and the secretary were addressed in email correspondences) - as shared earlier the secretary asked for an intro and was left at that.
They simply have chosen to ignore us despite my proposed (already past) deadline.
2)DVS - they have responded with a holding reply stating that the good Dr will respond and has not, thus our questions remain unanswered todate.
3)Our proposed press response to the Local Govt Minister's press statment in The Star remain unpublished and correspondence with NST is too totally ignored.
4)Only the legal depts of the government branches are responsive and deserves a pat.

As Parliament is to reconvene in early June, it leaves us little room and time for much else but a Petition.
After you have signed the Petition, please copy and paste from hereon to email away to friends and families and their families and friends.
The email below will be sent to 200 MPs some days after posting here.
Kindly Read and Sign our Petition here