Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New BH Results after 10 weeks - They Are Coming

There are a lot of birds shit now at the BH and I only focus on those Magenta Red circles which have more birds shits. These are the area that have highest changes that the birds will make their first white gold.

This is my experimental BH with good tweeters and good design (my opinion). I tried to make as much observation as possible from this BH. From the picture above, it seem like the birds prefer the front side and right side of BH. The only explanation that I have is those area are darker than the rest of the area.

"New Bird Like Darker Area at the New BH".

If you have any other good explanation, feel free to write down your comments.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New BH Results after 9 weeks - Look Promising

Last weekend my brother help me to visit my new BH. Although I did not check the BH myself, from the pictures that he sent to me, it really made me excited. He now don't bother to count how many batches of Bird shit. He just help me to take pictures for those new Bird shit. Wow...most of them have feathers.....Too bad, he did not check whether the plank has any marking.

The picture below shows staircase for 6 weeks BH.
Now.........more shits and feathers.

More pictures with shits and feathers...

I like this. Remembered in my 3 weeks BH update, I said there is 1 corner do not have any birds shits. Now.........not bad.

I am looking for the next visit to see some nests marking.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

VT-16 and VT-25 No Stock till end of May

I have been told by US supplier that the new stock for VT-16 and VT-25 will only come in 10 weeks from now. So those who need to order from me, please reserve from me first.

Whether installing good tweeters worth or not, I will publish my new BH results after 9 weeks in my next article.

FYI, my new BH size 40x70 (combined 2 upper shop lot) has:-
1. VT-16 - 160pcs
2. VT-25 - 40pcs
3. Magic Bullet - 14pcs
4. Bullet Bazooka - 4pcs

Monday, April 4, 2011

Pocket Infrared Thermometer with Laser Pointer

I just bought a Pocket Infrared Thermometer with Laser Pointer from US. Only 2pcs for try out. Anyone interested just email me: cheinwoei.gee@gmail.com. RM150/pc only.

This pocket infrared thermometer allows you to take non-contact temperature measurements simply by pointing the meter and pressing the button.
  • Built-in laser pointer identifies target area
  • 6:1 Distance to Spot size ratio
  • Resolution 1°C/1°F
  • Backlight LCD display
  • Data Hold
  • Automatic power off

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Old BH Still Progress Well

My old BH still progress well even though my new BH started just beside it. The nest count increase steadily between 5 to 10 nests every month. The number is not high but better than stagnant.

I have done some minor Upgrading.
1. Installed the Remaining 10 bales MPS Roxul 50% of the ceiling. The highest temperature is only 30degC. The is very encouraging results consider the hot weather and the humidifier is OFF.

2. Upgrade my Magic 4.
Still remember my DIY first version Magic 4. I use TV antenna pole and wire mesh to make the Magic 4. The worst thing is I used cable ties to tied the Magic 4. Sure enough the Magic 4 collapsed.

Now Magic 4 version 2 with a customized pole. Although is not idea yet, the structure is definitely able to withstand the bad weather. I am a bit concern whether the cable tie can last long. Only time will tell. Notice that a bird was flying toward Magic 4 :)

If you interested to DIY yourself, the stand only cost me RM80. The selling price of 4 Magic Bullet is RM280. You can always use 4pcs Bullet Bazooka if you want to get a more powerful output.