Saturday, May 30, 2009

Goldwood Piezo Tweeter

I have reported Goldwood Piezo Tweeter before in my earlier articles. It is a cheap and good tweeter according to the review in the link below. The price is slightly increase by still around USD2/piece.

Last week my brother went to US for business trip. I only asked him to buy 10 each tweeters for me to try out. The parts now with me. I will do some testing and compare with my current tweeters. I will post the results once I have tested it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wire Mesh on Tweeter

If you realized that all my tweeters are covered by wire mesh. Let discuss what are the advantages and disadvantages.

1. Provide resting area for birds so that they can enjoy the beautiful sound

2. Provide the young bird (see photo attached) which do not know how to fly yet, additional space to rest. Imaging when the bird start making nest in your BH, their nest is small and thin. It may not big enough for baby birds when they grow up. So instead of both birds squeeze in 1 small nest, 1 bird can choose to rest at wire mesh

3. Prevent the bird from making nest in the tweeter.

4. Can apply new aroma on the wire mesh. So, you do not need to apply directly on the plank to avoid fungus issue. If the aroma not good, just need to remove the wire mesh.

5. Wire mesh will oxidize. As mention in Harry blog, some birds like the oxidize smell. If that is true, you will have more birds coming.

1. Additional cost.

Feel free to give your comments.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Solution On High Temp Cause by Humidifier Issue.

Just like to share with you one of my blog reader which has High Temp issue after turn on the humidifier manage to solve his problem after some discussion.

He wrote to me:
"Today I just got one ventilator installed in my BH. Do you know it work great ? It can reduce the temperature to 29 Degree celcius and stable.I use the ventilator to suck the air from outside the building and blow it directly to the pond inside and i use the humidifer without the fan head.I place the humidifier in the pond and I also put marble stab inside the pond. It work great!"

I am very happy for him and at the same time I also can learn some things new from his problem.

Btw, his method of solving problem can only use for reference. I believe every BH has it unique Characteristic due to its location and design. You must first understand where is the source of your BH problem first before you can think of effective method to solve it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Water Supply OK NOW

My Consultant came and visited my BH today. Too bad, I am now at Singapore and do not have change to meet up with him. Even though my BH is > 6 months and no longer under his "warranty" period. He still come and help me to solve the water supply issue and do some extra touch up.

I asked him what happen to the water supply? How he solved it? He told me he just knocked the pipe near the water tank few times and problem solved. He suspect when someone off my incoming water valve, air trapped in the pipe. When the incoming water valve is turn on, the air block the water supply.

Thanks again my consultant. He might not be the best consultant in term of swiftlet knowledge. But he is an experienced and very professional consultant. He willing to help me to solve my problem without even talked about money. Btw, I still own him 10% of the renovation cost. He told me no hurry to pay.

Hope my BH micro conditions will more stable now.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Humidifier Cause Temperature Go UP!!!

If someone told you that the humidifier will cause the temperature go UP!!! instead to go down. What do you think? I never thought of this until my blog reader told me. Below is what he wrote to me,

"My BH is very hot if i do on the humidifier and it will be like the sauna in the afternoon. Also if the day is not windy the temperature can be up to 31 deg celcius . If i do on the humdifier the temperature will be like 32 or 33 ( in the afternoon) as the air inside the house is heavier becoz of the moist . The damp air inside the house can not get out as it is much heavier. So the heat get trapped. I also don't really know why this happen but many people can use humdifier to reduce temperature and it is a big headache for me for the start ."

Sound like the BH now more like a steam cooker to me. All the heat trap inside the BH and according to him, during the windy day, the temperature is ok. But the problem is bird prefer still air in the BH to feel secure. If you let the air move inside the BH, the temp will drop, the humidity will drop and I think the birds population will drop too. Correct me if I am wrong...

I ask him to check the temperature of the water that supply the humidifier under hot weather. It could be hot too. I remember when I when back to Malaysia, the water for the tank is hot like water coming out from the water heater. So, naturally the mist created my the humidifier will also hot.

How to ensure the water is cool? I remember sometimes when the weather is hot, I prefer to sit on the marble floor instead of sofa. It is cooler. So, if the water can pass through the "cooling" substance, then we can cool down the water. The humidifier will help to reduce the heat a bit.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My BH Temp and Humidity Without WATER!!!

Above is my BH's Temp and Humidity Chart without water during one of the hottest month....April. From the chart, the temperature and humidity is quite stable initially. From 06-March onward, the humidity start fluctuating a lot and the temperature slowly move up. I believe the water tank was chocked around this time.

FYI, I used to turn on my ventilator 24 hours. At that time, I found out that my humidity drop a lot once I turn off my humidifier at 7pm. After analysized the humidity chart, I suspected that the ventilator blow the air out and no water vapor from the humidifier to replace the lost moisture which cause the humidity drop. To verified that, I off the ventilator from 7pm to 7am first. From the chart, the initial humidity is quite stable. This prove that the ventilator is the culprit that cause my humidity unstable. I will know what to do next to stabalise my humidity and temp.

Monday, May 11, 2009

BH After 6 months

After 6 months of operation, my BH has 11 nests and 4 nest markings. It meet my expectation but the number could be more if there is no water issue. When I went in to my BH, I realized that my humidifier operate without water again. I quickly checked the incoming water supply. The water valve was opened as expected after I lock it with metal cover. So, I suspect the water tank could be choke somewhere.
When I checked my data logger temperature and humidity data, the temperature sometimes hit 31degC. I have called my consultant come down and take a look this weekend. Hope the micro condition is improve to the ideal conditions and more birds will come in.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Data Logger

For those people that have problem to increase the bird population, please use the data logger to check your BH micro conditions. It allow you to check the "trend" of your temperature and humidity. Not only minimum and maximum reading. Without this useful tool, I can never know my BH humidity is fluctuating. If I do not know this problem exist, it will remain forever there and affect the bird grow.
It also useful if you want to do some renovation like make changes on the entrance hole, change the humidifier timing and etc. You can compare before and after the change.
I am going back to Melaka this coming weekend. I miss my BH. More than 1 month I never visit my BH. Please let me know if you are interested to buy the data logger. Now RM355 including deliver within West Malaysia.