Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to Singapore

I just came back to Singapore. I was lucky to bring back ~ 50 sets of mini Baz without any issue. i would not hand carry back again so many speakers in future. Is too risky.

I have not have chance to test out the speaker until I go back to Malaysia. I am planning to go back on 9-Aug during Singapore National Day. For those friends who ordered from my, sorry to keep you waiting for so long. I will ship the part on that week. After that, I will post the part in my Review Website to let people post their feedback. I would not censor any comments. I need true review and comments.

You can "match" the bullet tweeter to any horn you like. Just unscrew the tweeter from horn and fit in to the new horn.

Hope this new mini Baz can help to improve your BH.

For those people that cannot get the parts, I have to say sorry. I really cannot carry so many. If the reviews are good, I will consider to get my friend in US to ship to me.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

In San Francisco now......

Sorry for not updating my blog for some time. I am now in San Francisco for biz trip. I cannot upload any photo in my blog using my company labtop. No thank to my company new IT policy. For Max security purpose, now I cannot use company labtop to upload file on blog, copy files to external device like thumb drive, upload file using external email like gmail, yahoo......

For those who order the mini Baz from me. Those parts are on the way to me. Now, my biggest headache is would I get tax back in Sgp.