Monday, September 13, 2010

My DIY Ultrasonic Humidifier

Finally my DIY Humidifier is in operation now.

Just to share with you all how I DIY my humidifier. Of course first you need to buy good and reliable mist makers. So, I bought mist makers from my friends after he test run no problem > 8 months for more than 10 units. Well, made in China stuff, you have to do so.

A hole is cut for PC Fan.

4" hole is cut for PVC. Initially I cut the hole at the center of the container which is wrong (picture below is wrong position). You should cut the hole at the opposite end of the PC Fan. The mist will able to flow out smoothly from this opening. Another small hole is cut for water inlet.

The water level sensor

I used 2 cable ties to tie the PC Fan instead of 4. By doing so, I can insert my mist maker through this hole. In future, if you want to do maintenance work, you can remove easily. No screw no cutting.

I used filtered water for my mist maker. The mist produces will be clean and less contamination or maintenance require.

The DIY mist makers is ready to run. I used wire mesh to cover the 2 PVC output to prevent birds flying when not in operation.

The mist makers is connected to humidity controller. The immediate result I observed was the BH humidity reach to set point in very short time. The mist is very fine, light and can travel very far as compare to Taiwan humidifier. I only need to use 1 for 20x70 shop lot. The best is........almost NO SOUND :)

I will update the temp and humidity chart 1 month after use. If you interested to buy, RM850 for 1 set include 10 heads mist maker, float sensor, PC fan and delivery in West M'sia.

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