Thursday, May 19, 2011

How good is your BH Micro Condition?

If you think your BH micro is good, please check again during this April and May month. Before I started my BH, I did a few round checks using my data logger and the results are ok. Below is the Feb and Mar data.

Last weekend when I checked again the record, I was surprised to find out that my new BH temperature hit 32.5degC. That is 2degC higher that what the max allowable BH temperature.

I did a check at my Old BH which is next to it and I found that the overall temperature is 1degC lower than the new BH. You can observe the temperature curve (Red) for both BH are the same. You may asked why the humidity reading at mid-April very low. That is because the ultrasonic humidifier that I am using the fuse was blown. After replaced the fuse the humidifier is working now.

Why my old BH reading is 1 degC lower? I guess is because about 50% of old BH's ceiling has additional Rockwool layer that I installed from the left-over from my new BH. So my old BH has 2" styrofoam, 2" Rockwool MPS, new and old ceiling board and aluminum foil below the industrial roof.

So, please make sure your BH has data logger below to keep track your BH micro condition. You can get the data logger from me. Please email:


  1. Dear Victor,
    Your Data Logger is RM130 more expensive than James. Can you tell me why? Is yor DL better than his?

  2. That is different brand. I never try his DL, so can't comment. My important from US.