Saturday, October 22, 2011

Revamp BH Completed

Due to my consultant busy schedule, he only started renovating my ground floor BH + revamping my 2nd floor BH last Friday. He managed to complete the job within a week. Sadly I do not have change to go through the renovating process. My kids exams are coming and I have to stay back in Singapore to go through revision with them.   

I have asked my brother help to take some of pictures and I will share with you all here.
Before Renovation - Messy

After Renovation - Super clean and added more planks with full corner plank.
Before Renovation - tweeters near corner planks
Before Renovation - A lot of fake nests, nests and birds
After Renovation - Old tweeters replaced by his tweeters. Birds, nests and fake nests all GONE!!! A bit worry whether the birds will come back or not.

No more 12x12 roving area.
The Consultant threw all the old tweeters but still keep the Bullet Bazooka.


  1. Victor,
    Thanks for sharing, how much he charged you for the renovation?
    Why need to take out the existing nests?

  2. 2 stories renovation + Revamp = RM45K.

    those nests that do not have birds were removed.

  3. Hi Victor,

    Thank you for all of your sharing.
    Just an experience from my BH, all frame wood of partition getting mold after 4 months operation, the reason is high RH inside BH and that wood is just a normal type and not the same type as netting plank. I had to remove all!