Thursday, November 5, 2009

Legend for the Color Dot

Some people asked me what is the meaning for those color dot in my earlier post. Well, it is a way for me to keep track my nests count and understand better the nest cycle.

Orange Dot - Existing nest
Blue Dot - New nest
Purple Dot - Nest with birds
Green Dot - Nest with eggs
Red Dot - No Nest yet after harvest

There are few observation that I can made:-
1. The birds prefer to build nest at the end of my BH
2. New colony start at the middle of the BH (3 new nests)
3. More birds prefer left hand side than right hand side. Need to check why?
4. There are few nests after harvested, birds never come back. Need to understand why?

With this record, it become very clear that some of your Bird prefer to build nest at certain area. If you can find out the reason, you can duplicate the same conditions at the other parts of your BH.

In the swiftlet industrial, there are a lot of things that "sifu" don't tell you. Sometimes those things that they told you might not apply to your BH. You need to observe yourself. Who know, you may find the "Key" to your success.

Hope everyone can find the "key" to your success.

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