Sunday, May 2, 2010

21 New Nests in 2 Months

Last weekend my brother do a birds count for me and there are > 50 nests counts now. Finally I exceed the 50 nests mark. Although it is 6 months delay from my initial target, I still feel very excited as this is the biggest jump in nests count so far. 21 new nests in 2 months. See the Blue Dot in pictures below.
I feel like all my renovation, improvements and hard work payoff now. Below are some of the improvements over the pass 6 months.
1. Enlarge Open roof
2. Enlarge Roving area
3. Build Partition
4. Paint Black paint in nesting area
5. Use New Aroma H3N1
6. Change New Internal Sound
7. Change New External Sound

For those who BH nest counts stagnant for at least 2 months, please don't wait for miracle to happen. You need to actively search for solution. To me, design still play the most important parts.


  1. Hi, i'm live in Vietnam.Your blog is very useful.I learned a lot from it.I really need the sound of Swiftlets,can you send it for me?Please.
    my or
    Thanks you so much.
    Wish you health and happiness

  2. 偉大的致富萬能之鑰,正是幫你充分掌握自己心志所必須的自律自制..................................................

  3. for my area at Kuantan,
    ppl said after CNY Feb, there ll be a drastic raise in nests amount abt 30% due to the good beginning of bird's breeding cycle after the long rainy seasons (Nov-Feb in kuantan).

    so based on ur nearly 2 years of exp,
    for the situation in this post, was it due to the new breeding cycle beginning too ?
    how is the situation at ur bh there , comparing vf wat i mentioned above in Kuantan ??


  4. Maybe the breeding session help to increase the nests population too.