Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another External Sound Testing

Last weekend went back to Malaysia to celebrate Mother day and took the opportunity to test out my external sounds collection.

After > 1 hour testing for > 30 songs, I managed to get only 4 really good external sounds. When I define good, it has to be fulfilled the following criteria:-

1. Manage to attract birds play on the hexagonal tweeters and cling on it. This means the birds like the sounds

2. Manage to pull almost all the birds from your nearby bird house.

3. Manage to attract birds fly inside your BH.

I have gone through the similar exercise to test my sound collections. What I found out is, what use to be good external sounds turn out to be not so good anymore and what use to be no good become very good now. So, you may have some good sounds waiting for your to discover.

Enjoy the video clip below.


  1. Congrats on yr success,fortune favours the brave. I was wondering why u use wooden partition,will this to molding later on. Just to share a thought.

  2. I am using material same as white board. It is recycle board from my brother friend.