Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sound Installation

A lot of people have different sound installation method. For my new BH, I decided to use the lesson that I learned from Pak Hen seminar.

Internally I have:-
1. Internal sound - consist of different internal sounds playing out from the left and right channels.
2. Colony sound playing from the center tweeters.
3. Pulling sound playing from Magic Bullet.

Externally I have
1. Magic 4 - use 4 pcs Magic Bullet. It function like Hexagonal cum Bazooka
2. Bullet Bazooka - 2 pcs.

Total 4 amps.

I use all good quality tweeters in my new BH which consist of:-
1. VT-16 2x5"
2. VT-25 3x7"
3. Magic Bullet
4. Bullet Bazooka.

I spend extra 2K~3K on tweeters compare to normal tweeters. If you take the additional cost compare to the overall BH cost, it is only < 10%.

There is no solid prove that a better tweeters will give you better results. But I ask myself, what is the reason people playing birds sound external and internally? Obviously is to try to intimate the real birds and let the new birds know this BH has a lot of its friends. This BH is mature and safe. Furthermore, since the additional cost is not a lot, so, I go for the better one.


  1. How much for your each type of speakers?

  2. Depend the qty you order. If low qty,
    VT-16- RM10;
    VT-25 - RM15;
    Bullet BAzooka - RM100
    Bullet Tweeter - RM35

    For higher qty, please email cheinwoei.gee@gmail.com

  3. Which sound do you use for colony sound and pulling sound?

  4. Colony sound - choose sound that has a lot of different birds.

    Pulling sound - choose sound that has single bird sound and a lot of echo sound

  5. How many amp do you use to play 3 sounds: internal,pulling and colony? I am wondering how you wire your speakers to play left/right and center sound.

  6. 2 amps. 1 amp for internal and 1 amp for Pulling and Colony. Just Compose your song left Channel with Pulling and Right Channel with Colony.