Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Humidity and Temperature data logger

Before my shop lot start renovate, I used the humidity & temp data logger to record the temperature and humidity at afternoon.

The logger is small, easy to configure, can collect > 1 month data and easy to download to the PC using USB interface. This data logger is much better than the common temp and humidity recorder which can only record the max and min reading, but do not know what time and trend of the temp and humidity. With this, you can know excatly when the temp or humidity out of control.
Below is the chart on that afternoon before renovation started. The room temp is around 31degC and humidity around 68%. Will collect again after renovation completed


  1. hey, I would just like to inquire how much did u get manage to buy the data logger and where did u get it? It the product good?

  2. hey, I am also interested in the 100 Watt Bullet Bazooka on the right hand side. How much does it cost include delivery to P. Jaya? May i also know what is the function of the VT-25, Bi-Radial Horn and VT-16?

    Thank you

  3. Hi Poly,

    The Data Logger is RM380 include delivery. I have been using for 2 years and is very reliable. The battery can last for 1 year.

    Bullet Bazooka is RM90 for >=2pc. Will increase price when the existing ex-stock finish. Poslaju RM5 for 2 pcs.

    VT-16 - 2x5" for internal
    VT-25 - 3x7" for internal/external

    Bi-Radial horn is just a horn and can go with Bullet Tweeter. This is the same tweeter use in Bullet Bazooka. The Magic Bullet (Bi-Radial horn + Bullet Tweeter) is RM65.