Thursday, March 19, 2009

BH Humidity Fluctuation Issue

The Blue line is my BH humidity. What information can you get from this chart?

The Humidity is fluctuate - The humidity increase at around 10am when the hygrostat is turned ON which in turn activate the humidifier. The humidity maintain around 80% until 7.30am. After that the hygrostat is turned OFF. The humidity reach the lowest point at 12am. The humidity increase again at 10am next morning.

What other information you can retrieve? All the while, I only thought that the humidity fluctuation is due to the ON/OFF of my humidifier. The moment you ON the humidifier, the humidity increase and when you OFF, the humidity drop.

Until recently, one of my blog reader show me his temperature and humidity chart from his BH which produce 300 nests in 12 months. The Temperature and Humidity is almost constant through out the days. A superb micro condition. He even pin point to me what caused the humidity fluctuation problem. He suspect is due to the exhaust fan that I used in my farm which blow most of the humidity out through the open roof entrance hole.

I have 2 exhaust fan. 1 operate at morning and 1 at night. I already OFF the exhaust at night. I will check the temp and humidity chart again during my next visit. If the humidity look more stable, I will off the 2nd one also.

I introduced the data logger to my friend and he help me to solve my BH issue. That is what the friend are. "Never Ask For Return". Thanks again my friend.


  1. hi,
    from ur 1st post, i nvr see u got these 2 exhaust fan 1. were they just installed in this month (march 2009)

    were they working for the BH micro environment control ?

  2. they have been installed since day 1 and now I already off both of them. They caused my humidity fluctuate more.