Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Temperature and Humidity after 8 months

Above Chart is my Temperature and Humidity chart from 9-May to 28-Jun. You may notice that the humidity increase and temperature reduce after 21-May. That is when my BH Water Supply issue was solved. When there was no water supply, the average humidity was about 73%. Now is about 78%. Before, the average temperature was about 30.8degC. Now is about 30degC. So, humidifier water vapor does help to reduce the temperature by a bit.

When the chart is zoomed in, you will notice that the humidity is still fluctuating. The average different between Max and Min is about 5%. If compared to the chart taken on Dec-08, the Max and Min different is about 9%. So a drop of 4% after I off one of my ventilator which operate from 7pm to 7am.

I still need to do more work to reduce the huimdity fluctuation and reduce the temperature to about 28degC. If you do not own any data logger, I strong suggest you get one.

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