Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Silent Tweeter Problem?

Another article sent by my blog reader to share his experience. If every of my blog reader unselfishly share their experience, they eventually will learn more. Remember the more you give, the more you will get in return.

If by chance your tweeters in your bird house are connected with just the exposed part of the wires; then after a period of time, you might often find that certain tweeters at some sections had fallen silent. Some of these tweeters may be faulty but it is more likely that the wires which were fixed to the tweeters had simply come loose and are no longer able to transmit signals from the amplifier.

There are basically two ways to solve this simple but critical problem of silent tweeters. One way is to just solder the wires to the tweeters or you can also simply purchase tweeters that had already been soldered to short length of wires by vendors beforehand.

Another way is to make use of wire clips which are first crimp on the exposed wires and then slot into the tweeters metal connections. Using wire clips is better than soldering because when a tweeter became faulty, it is very easy to change to a new tweeter.

If your bird house tweeters are already connected without soldering or wire clips; then you might want to take some clips during inspection time and to fix the wire clips to tweeters that had fallen silent. And if you are starting a new farm in which the project is handle by a contractor, do make sure that the contractor will either use soldered tweeters or wire clips to connect the tweeters; otherwise, your bird house will surely encounter the problem of silent tweeters in the future and it would be a mishap that we can easily avoid.

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