Monday, October 25, 2010

BH Shopping List - Sound System (part 1)

To DIY BH yourself, you need to list out the shopping list yourself. Since I am now building my new BH, I will list down some of the items here. Let me start with Sound System.

1. How many internal tweeters you need for 1 floor say 20x70' shop lot? There are 3 groups,

a. Group 1 said 400 tweeters - because since birds like to make nest at or near tweeters, so the more the merrier.

b. Group 2 said 10 to 20 tweeters - because too many will confuse birds. This group use good tweeters so that the sound is crystal clear and the frequency range is fall within 1KHz to 16KHz. Bird will zoom in to this places.

c. Group 3 said around 100 tweeters - I am belong to this group. I always believe "Balance". Too many confess birds, too few doesn't sound like there are a few colonies in the BH. I will also make sure I added around 10 "Magic Bullet" at selective locations. So you will have ~ 100 tweeters playing baby birds and colonies sound and the good tweeters plying pulling sounds.

2. How many External Tweeters
- 2 External tweeters at the entrance between outside and your roving
- 2 External tweeters at the entrance between roving and nesting.
- 6 Hexagonal tweeters. For me I will use 4 Bullet Bazooka.

3. Whether to use good quality tweeters?
- External tweeter is a MUST.
- Internal tweeter depend on your budget. For me, as I only use 100 tweeters, I will use good tweeters as it only cost extra RM1K. You has better sound and less maintenance.

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