Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My New BH - Metal Door Design

If you have gone through my blog from beginning, my current BH design was done by a consultant. Sad to said that the design is very bad. It is very very difficult to do a major change once your BH is running. After all the modification, my BH nests increase every month but the growth still not up to my expectation. For now onward, I will not do any structure change and focus more on the sound system, micro and aroma. Because every major change in design will temporary affect the nest grow. Birds need to take time to get use to the new design.

Now is time to move on to my next BH. My brother in law asked me to JV with him to convert his shop lot to BH which is just next to my current BH. This is great. I can use all the knowledge that I have gained so far to design my "Preferred BH design" and compare to my current BH. 2 different BH design at same location.

I will try to post as many photo as possible through out the new BH renovation progress. Let me start with Metal Door Design. My Metal door has 3 lockers at the front and 2 lockers at the "Back". To excess the back locker, you need to first open the front locker in order to open the small little panel. Then you can open the locker at the back.

I have 2nd similar metal door between the staircase. I am going to use my first half of the staircase as control room where all the Amp will be located here. The upper half of staircase will be use for nesting area.

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