Monday, October 25, 2010

BH Shopping List - Sound System (part 2)

1. How many Internal Amp you need?
- Min 2 pcs - As the internal Amp need to support > 100 tweeters and run 24 hours, normally people like to switch between this 2 amps every 3 hours.

For me I use 1 Amp to run around 100 tweeters for 24 hours. I use PC fan to cold down the Amp. I use another internal Amp to play pulling and colony sound.

One advantage of playing few different internal sounds is you might able to find good internal sound in shorter time. As we know internal sound is harder to prove whether is good or bad compared to external sound. So playing different internal sounds at the same time better changes to get 1 right. How to know? See whether birds like to make nest near the tweeters? Make sure the volume is control properly, not too loud.

Another advantage is in case 1 Amp broken, you have another one running.

2. How many External Amp
- Min 2 Amp. 1 Amp play external sound and another play Hexagonal and Bazooka. You can use lower power Amp as the number of tweeters connected to the amp is normally < 10pcs.

3. How Much
- Internal Amp - RM300 to RM600 - Depend the power of the Amp
- External Amp - RM200 to RM400

Speaker Wire
1. What is the diameter?
- The bigger the better. I can only manage to get 42x0.15mm thickness of wire. If you can get 50 treads and above would be good.

2. How long you need?
- I bought 3x100meter speaker wire for my new BH. Should be more that enough.

3. How much?
- Depend on the size and length and of course copper price. Right now around RM80 to RM100 for 100 meters cable.

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