Thursday, October 22, 2009


This is the most interesting topic that people like to write and read the review. From the review, I ask myself few questions, and this is just my opinion.

1. Is the aroma good to increase the birds population?
I think is yes. I have used aroma myself and it shows improvement on bird population. The comments in the Review web also shows that some people are very happy when using the aroma.

2. Is the same aroma good for all BH?
Well, I think from the LOVE POTION Review, 70% said no good and 30% said good. So, clearly same aroma may not good for all BH. But why? Do you think birds at different area like different smell? Well, I think one of the possible reason is the BH micro condition and design. If this 2 factors are not meet, the best aroma for you also no use. Aroma is just an enhancement material. It will boost your BH to another level provided your BH condition is good.

3. Why some aroma cause birds run away?
I don't know the answer. Because for the same aroma, some people can attract a lot of birds. But some people find out their birds run away and never come back. Any answer?

4. Will the aroma still effective if everybody in the same area use the same aroma?
I think if everybody use the same aroma, the effect of the aroma will drop a lot. Imagine you are a bird and there are 10 BH in the same area use the same aroma. Which BH you would like to choose? Would you use smell of aroma as one of you criteria to choose BH? So, if your BH in the hot zone and changes are there are few BH also use the same aroma.

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