Sunday, October 4, 2009

Water Leaking

I have reported before in my blog that I have water leaking issue when I used the Taiwan made humidifier.

To solve the problem, I laid a layer of mat. After that I don't see any leaking issue for quite sometimes.But recently, the leaking issue is come back again and it is worst than before. I am thinking of placing the humidifier in the kids pool, but it may now be a long term solution. The plastic may not last long and the birds dropping fell inside the pool may make it very difficult to clean.
I know seriously think to change my humidifier to ultrasonic humidifier. Please let me know if you have any good suggestion.


  1. buy a fribre tank with as the water supply tank,install the level control and over flow line/
    another is place your humifier inside the bribre tank,the supply to the himufier must tight to the fribre tank,and must have a overflow line if the connection leak.


  2. it depent on the size of the tank,go meet some fiber maker to check up the price.or can ask them to fabricate according to your design.