Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Install Bullet Bazooka

I asked my mum help to tailor made a water proof cover for my bullet bazooka. I specially asked her to use cloth to made a string instead of rubber ribbon to tighten the cover. So that it can last longer under hot sun and rain conditions.

I put some waters on top of the cloth for 30 mins and no water leak.

To make sure the bullet tweeter is protected, I found a Styrofoam that used to cover the corner of the electrical appliance to cover it.

Next, I installed Bullet Bazooka at the entrance facing of course to a successful BH about 200 meters away. I did not actually measure how far the bullet bazooka can travel. But the sound from the Bazooka is very clear.

I also installed bullet Tweeter using different horn at the 2 side of the entrance.

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