Sunday, August 29, 2010

How Far Can Sound From Bullet Bazooka Travel?

A lot people claim that the sound from their Bazooka can reach 500m to 1km. But I have not seen any experiment done by them. I always wanted to know how far can the sound from Bullet Bazooka go?

Last Friday after "Bird Talk" with my friends at Mac at around 10.30pm, we went to an industrial area with an open field. See the Google Maps below. Btw, those buildings no longer there. Google Maps a bit slow to update their system. We played the Bullet Bazooka at Point A at the right volume and we walk across the field until we reach Point B. For me at Point B, I cannot hear the sound but my friends still can hear the sound but very soft already. Hmm....this is also good for hearing test. My hearing system is old already :( Maybe swiftlet has better hearing system and still can hear the sound.

Based on the scale at the left hand bottom corner, the distance from Point A to Point B is 300 meters. We also verified the area coverage at Point B (left to right distance from Point B). It is about 200 meters in diameter.

So now I can safely tell people how far the sound from Bullet Bazooka can travel. I am quite sure if you put 2 or more Bullet Bazooka together, the distance can go beyond 300 meters .

If you still hesitate how good is the Bullet Bazooka, please click the link below to see the comments from those people that are using now.

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