Sunday, February 22, 2009

BH After 17 weeks - Golden Egg

Last weekend went to BH to do some checking as well as apply aroma on the plank and activate new insect powder. When I went in about 10am, found only less than 10 birds flying in my BH. I started worrying whether I can see any improvement since my last visit.

I first checked for the bird shits on the floor, although it don't seem to have a lot of new bird shit spots, but I found out that most of the bird shits now have feathers.

Then I checked for any bird nest mark directly on top of the bird shit with feathers. I could't find any new bird nest mark. But the old bird nest mark that I applied with aroma around the corner plank, the size is increased a little bit. (See picture below, 1st picture was taken on WK11 and 2nd picture on WK17). Although the progress is slow, but at least some improvement. The other 2 nest marks no improvement.

I actually few a bit depressed until my consultant told me that he suspect the corner of fake nest maybe has small chick inside. I went up and check, YES! I found 2 "Golden egg" in the fake nest right at the corner of my BH. Maybe due to the dry session and new birds, the birds can only manage to make a thin layer of nest and started laying egg. I think in overall, the BH progress is quite slow, but considering the dry session, I still quite satisfied with my BH performance. My consultant told me not to go in the BH too often, recommend 2 months once. I guess I will not able to update my BH at leat for the next 1 month.

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