Monday, May 18, 2009

Humidifier Cause Temperature Go UP!!!

If someone told you that the humidifier will cause the temperature go UP!!! instead to go down. What do you think? I never thought of this until my blog reader told me. Below is what he wrote to me,

"My BH is very hot if i do on the humidifier and it will be like the sauna in the afternoon. Also if the day is not windy the temperature can be up to 31 deg celcius . If i do on the humdifier the temperature will be like 32 or 33 ( in the afternoon) as the air inside the house is heavier becoz of the moist . The damp air inside the house can not get out as it is much heavier. So the heat get trapped. I also don't really know why this happen but many people can use humdifier to reduce temperature and it is a big headache for me for the start ."

Sound like the BH now more like a steam cooker to me. All the heat trap inside the BH and according to him, during the windy day, the temperature is ok. But the problem is bird prefer still air in the BH to feel secure. If you let the air move inside the BH, the temp will drop, the humidity will drop and I think the birds population will drop too. Correct me if I am wrong...

I ask him to check the temperature of the water that supply the humidifier under hot weather. It could be hot too. I remember when I when back to Malaysia, the water for the tank is hot like water coming out from the water heater. So, naturally the mist created my the humidifier will also hot.

How to ensure the water is cool? I remember sometimes when the weather is hot, I prefer to sit on the marble floor instead of sofa. It is cooler. So, if the water can pass through the "cooling" substance, then we can cool down the water. The humidifier will help to reduce the heat a bit.


  1. Correct me if I am wrong. Humidifier is to help the humidity only, not temperature !
    If your tank is located on rooftop open air, I suppose you need to cover it with shade then .

  2. Some people said the humidifier only help to improve the temperature a little bit only. Well, I am going to find out 1 month later when I check my temp and humidity chart. I will able to compare the temp results before and after the humidifier is working.

  3. Checking with reliable instruments is the only way. Evaporation requires energy (latent heat of evaporation) which comes from the surroundings. When evaporation occurs, the surrounding temperature will drop. In fact it can be calculated the temp drop for a fixed volume of air and evaporation rate until it reaches saturation, i.e. 100% RH.

    Normally, the higher the humidity inside BH, the more stuffy and hotter we feel because it is more difficult for our sweat to evaporate.

    Conclusion: More likely than not, humidifier do not cause a rise in overall temperature inside a BH even though the electrical motor gives off heat during operation.

  4. What my friend descripe to me was that his BH is like a "Sauna". You know the room is fully enclose and when you put water in the heater, the water will evaporate become vapor (steam). The vapor is trapped inside the BH and now the BH temp is high and humid.

  5. More likely than not, the sofa & marble floor are at the same temperature!

    You feel cooler sitting on the floor because marble conducts heat away from your backside faster than the sofa does.

    Many have made the same wrong conclusion when checking on their BHs.

    Just my 2 sen

  6. Agree. The key word is conduct heat away. If I used Metal container to contain water. Do you think the water will be cooler? If so, then the water will be supplied to humidifier and can bring down the temperature.

  7. hi all,
    I'm late to join ur discussion.
    But, I need to ask from u for various opinion.

    In my ground floor inner room,
    there is totally enclosed except got 1 door to invite birds in.

    my humidifier there operate 10min every hour after 11am to 5pm.

    i dun have data logger yet, but according to my hygrometer, the temp was 30-31 while humid was 70-75.

    recently i pasang 1 table fan on the floor, jz to blow straight, together on with the humidifier for 25 min evry single hour from 11-5pm. the temp i check is now min 28, max 29 & humid abt 80-85%.

    is this solution good ? i jz pasang it since 2 weeks ago, yet to know the result. =)

    pls advice

  8. both your temp and humidity range are very good. Just make sure the air don't blow too high