Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Best Aroma I Ever Heard

A lot of people have been taking about whether aroma is effictive or not? Some people even claimed that their aroma can increase 700 nests in a very short period. It may or may not true. Because there is no picture or video clip to show or support their claims.

A friend of mine send a video clip to me. When I saw the video clip, my heart beat faster. I really cannot believe my eye. Below is the video clip link and what he wrote in the YouTube.

This is fantatic ! given the good micro of a BH, in 3 days time a single Swiftlet's colony can grow from 25 to 50++ ...Double ! . ..that is the what we called the effectiveness of a good aroma !

Now you can judge yourself whether aroma is effective or not.............Shit.........still thinking about the video clip......The aroma also affect human brain also...


  1. what is the aroma?where to get this aroma?can share with us?

  2. The aroma from Pak Hen. See his blog below:

    If I not wrong, he still not selling yet.