Thursday, August 27, 2009


If you read my earlier blog, I did buy a few tweeters from US which according to the review is good and cheap. I did not have change to test them until recently. I run a simple test to verify which tweeter have better performance.

The tweeter on the Bottom-left is the current tweeter I use in my BH. Can't remember what is the brand. Is made in China. The tweeter on the Top-Left is tweeter from Orian KP307M bought in Jakarta. The tweeter on the Bottom-right is tweeter bought from US (GT-1025) and the tweeter on the Top-right is tweeter bought from US (GT-1005).

Orion KP307M, Tweeter bought in Jakarta.
I opened out all the tweeter and checked the inside. The tweeter that I use has coil (copper) below the diaphragm.
The tweeters that bought from US and Jakarta do not have coil.
I not very sure the use of coil. When I compare the sound played by those tweeters, the tweeter with coil can play louder. After checked the tweeters, I start run the sound test. I used Sony digital Recorder to record the same sound from the Amplifier at the same distance. I used wool to cover my recorder mic to reduce the wind sound.

After recorded, I try to listen the sound quality from each tweeter. Maybe my listening skill is not good enough, all the tweeters almost same quality except the tweeter that I use the pitch seem to be higher. You can here the sound by click the link below

I then used Audacity software to analyse the frequency response of each tweeter. Good Tweeter will able to reproduce the same frequency waveform as compare to the original sound below.

From the Frequency Analysis, it seem that the GT-1025 is the best, follow by GT-1005, KP305M and lastly the tweeter that I use now.


  1. Great home analysis report Victor.

    Seems that your tweeter perform slight better at higher freq.

    If budget constraint, may be mix and match tweeters of good performing low freq with high freq in order to get full range.

    From you chart, KP might not be the best but value for money. Just wonder how motorala or CTS quality will perform.

    Anyway, great analysis. Thanks many many.

  2. One more thing to add.

    Those rectangular tweeter use for ourdoor usually has very high freq from 4kHz onward. May be that kind of tweeter will perform better for internal high freq piyit sound between 8kHz-16kHz. Kp tweeter seems louzy >8kHz onward.

    So is the analysis saying all of us should use internal tweeter(good in lower freq) for external, external tweeter(good in high freq) for internal? Oh boy, am confuse. :P

    So you make the right chose for buying all the way from US. :)

  3. Hi Bob,

    I did frequency analysis the piyik and adult sound, what I found is the piyik sound is actually lower frequency compare to adult sound.

    Well I only bought 10pcs each from US for try out. If you refers to the comments on GT series tweeters, most of them said their quality is very close to CTS or motorola tweeters