Tuesday, September 1, 2009

BH after 10 months

After 10 months, only 25 nests in the BH. The slow growth is within my expectation as I did not do any major changes after my last visit. I was attending Pak Hen Seminar at Jakarta and back to Sgp after that. I only managed to visit my BH last week. That is the problem of staying too far from your BH. I cannot go back immediately if I want to change somethings.

During the seminar, I have learnt a lot and started planning what I am going to do for my next visit.

The first thing I did is to rearrange my tweeters position such that it create more surround sound effect. I have included 2 more amplifiers to make it 3 Amps in total for internal. So I will use them to run 3 different types of internal sounds.

I also removed the internal tweeters that used to play external sound at the end of my BH. I try not to mix the internal and external sound inside my BH. Advice from Sifu........must listen.

With the help of my 2 brothers, we only managed to complete 50% of the sound system change. It take more work to rearrange the tweeter and wiring. It is a paint and good experience.

I will let you know what other improvement I have made to UPGRADE my BH in my next articles.

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