Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Surprise Info on Swiftlet Products Review Web

After I officially posted the website that can let people to write and read the review on products or services that they are interested, there are > 100 hits now. Not bad for the start. But I find out that a lot of people are interested to find out or read the review only but lazy to write down their own review if they happen to use the product before. Please spend sometime to write down the review for the benefit of most people in this swiftlet industrial. If you think the product is good, then recommend to people in the review.

Back to the today tittle, "Surprise". So what is the surprise??

Are you interested to know which products that most people interested to know??? See the summary table below.

The Champion go to LOVE POTION and BLACKCLOUD. Maybe I cannot say surprise as these 2 products have been advertise a lot of times by their owner.

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