Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Upgrade 3

Upgrade 3

My BH uses chicken farm type of humidifier to control the humidity and a ventilator to blow the air at low level to circulate the air in BH as I closed all my vent holes. The result is the humidity fluctuate a lot.

On 16th Aug, I OFF my humidifier and placed 2 baby tubs right below the ventilator hope that the air will blow directly to the water and produce enough humidity. But you can see from the graph, the humidity drop immediately and temperature also increase to 31degC for the first time. Maybe the water is not enough. The good thing is the humidity less fluctuate. Another observation is that at the end of the graph, the temp drop to 27 and humidity increase because those few days a lot of raining.

I tried to turn on the humidifier again and added additional data logger at the entrance hole between nesting area and roving area (see graph 30-Aug-09). With the humidifier + baby tubs with water in front of ventilator, the temperature and humidity are quite stable. The graph for data logger at the middle of the BH (Gee_30Aug09) are very close to graph at the BH entrance hole.
Base on the results, I can say that my micro condition now are OK and the distribution are quite uniform across the BH. Maybe these few days are raining season. So, I need to collect more data. I would not stop here. I have something in my mind to implement in my BH such that the micro condition more stable even at hot weather. Will update once I have the results.

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