Friday, September 25, 2009

Swiftlet Farming Products and Services Review Website

After 2 days the new website has been published, response is quite good. The number of people write down the review have been increased from 1 review in first day to > 10 reviews on the 2nd days.

LOVE POTION still the most interested item for review. Only 3 person write down their comment about this product. If you think this aroma is good for your BH, please write down good comments too.

Some people asked me whether their name or email will be displayed in the review. If you enter the title/name, it will be displayed whatever you write down there. For email, it will never display in the review. So, don't worry, only I know your email and I will not disclose to other people.
Remember please write down the review if you have tried out the product or service. You are helping other people to make a good decision and who know, one day it might help you to make a good judgement before you buy any new products.

If you have any new products that you would like to put inside my website for sell, you can send me your product photo and description.

If you interested to buy any product, you can email to me.

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